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Contest Entry to Stardust Sanctuary Selection One.

The Luxurious Vintage Dolls category.

Model/ character: Abbey Lee Kershaw/ Penelope Woodville
Intro: Penelope was born in September 1920s, in the heart of London. The roaring twenties, as they call it. She was born into an aristocratic family. Although she loved living in luxury and did feel herself superior to the lower classes, she also wanted to break free from tradition; go to work and make something of herself. Stubborn and headstrong as she may be, she did have many admirers. Beautiful blonde haired and fair skinned, she loved going for long walks and painting in the afternoons.

I wrote a double haiku sort of based on her maturing and trapped in a bright world for the entry. (:

The light of a film,
The body of a small girl,
Not yet a woman.

Living the high life,
Illuminated too bright,
Quiet in the dark.

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