Artist/Band: Matty Mullins
Featured Song: Back To Square One
Album: Matty Mullins
Tuesday. October 14, 2014

Totally being a creeper right now and looking up random stuff on Matty Mullins. And my word his wife is so gorgeous! She is just super pretty. And their kid is actually cuter than Copleand in my opinion. Don't hate me Kellin Quinn fans but it's true.

I was wondering if any of you would be interested in seeing a part of my story that I have already done. It would just be a part of it, not everything. I want to just test the waters and see how receptive you all would be of this. ALSO i'm looking for someone who can make a book cover thing for me for when I post this on Wattpad. Ideally it would be a fellow wattpad user since they know how the covers are shaped. Comment below and I'll PM you the specifics.... maybe I should hold a contest (like the icon ones...? idk...) either way please still comment if you're willing to do this.

One last thing cute guy says "hi" to all of you.
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