50 Characters Challenge

50 Characters Challenge
Moderated by thedarkside.
This is a challenge to make sets of you favourite TV series or movie. The catch is that they must be a certain type of character, such as; witch- Hermione Granger and so on.
1. Superhero
2. Angel
3. Spy
4. Witch
5. Wizard
6. Demon
7. Doctor
8. Alien
9. knight
10. Bad Guy gone good.
11. Always seems to get hurt/ killed.
12. Siblings.
13. Have a badass job (E.g Ninja, Vampire Hunter, etc)
14. Sidekick
15. The Animal Lover
16. The Hunter
17. The one who always seems to get captured.
18. Vampire
19. Werewolf.
20. Other Mythical creature.
21. The one who doesn't want the big 'prize'
22. The adventurer
23. The one who loses someone close to them.
24. The one who loses the important object.
25. The Bitchy enemy.
26. The Enemies sidekick.
27. The unlucky one
28. The singer.
29. The one who has the weird friends.
30. The scaredy cat.
31. The one who always gets blamed.
32. The one taken from normal life and plunged into something completely different.
33. A soldier.
34. Someone who should be in it more. (Like a minor character)
35. The teacher.
36. The musician.
37. The Normal Girl.
38. The Normal Guy.
39. The Love- Birds
40. The Ex's
41. The stupid bad guy.
42. The thief.
43. The Criminal.
44. The Sarcastic.
45. The one who is constantly in trouble.
46. The one who has gone through so much.
47. The one who deserves a break.
48. The unexpected villain.
49. You favourite Female Character.
50. Your Favourite male character.
Competitions will be held and anyone who finishes their 50 will go in the hall of fame XD
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