50 Fictional Character Date Challenge

8/50. Practicing archery with Legolas

I was tagged by Ruh in this fantastic set: http://www.polyvore.com/23_50_talking_about_movies/set?id=26918604

Ten facts about me:
1. I have a pug named Apollo
2. I'm 23 years old. 23 is my lucky number, in fact I have it tattooed in binary down my spine along with the word "Grok" (see Heinlein's 'Stranger in a Strange Land') in binary.
3. I work in the finance industry in Chicago.
4. I'm starting a salsa dancing lesson this week.
5. I'm a vegetarian (but I eat fish).
6. I love the smell of Christmas trees.
7. In college I ran my own photography business to make money.
8. I lived in India for a semester in college.
9. I'm a huge sci-fi geek. I even own Star Trek Scrabble.
10. I'm learning to meditate.

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