3/50 for my {polaroids, pastels & pearls are for pretty vintage girls} challenge. [typewriter]



I was tagged by jasmine in space.

here's her set:

I used the sewing machine [:

I'm tagging:

ℓσνɛ ♥ σℓɩνɩɑ ☮
Bite.Me.Cullen... ♥ 

you should totally check them out! ^^ They're an inspiration to me and a lot of people on polyvore! 
For the set, please use one [or more] of the items I used in this set [: Thank you! & please message me the set when you're done! I love to see them. (:


So then, this is for my friend Lindsey's Legit Set Challenge! Which you can join here:


& I used the outfit from this set: 

I thought that the dress looked just like the one in this photoshoot, so this outfit is a remake of what she's wearing here. ♥


So I'm thinking about deleting my facebook...or at least not going on like barely ever because I feel like every time I go on, I see yet another picture or post that shows how backstabbing people are sometimes & it's kind of getting frustrating & upsetting. & usually I don't care about that kind of stuff. At all. So yeah.. just had to get that out there. Any tips? What would you do?



"People haven't always been there for me, but {taylor swift} muic always has."
-Taylor Swift.
[so I might've fudged the part about what kind of music it was.. so whatcha gonna do, arrest me? no you're fudrucking not.] ♥
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