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Shannon Marie Sossamon Kahoolani
32, October 3, 1978 (Libra), Honolulu (Hawaii - USA)
Trendy clothes and absolutely unique, nothing lavish, far from the classic designer began. Yet it is always elegant, even when her hair is completely ruffled. All men want to be kissed, even on the cheek from her and all women would like her as a best friend. Too original film, more comfortable in clubs. (<3)
Hawaiian, but also French, German, Irish, Filipino and American, of course.
For me, one of the most beautiful women ever
Heathcliff Andrew Ledger says Heath (Perth, April 4, 1979 - New York, January 22, 2008) was an Australian actor.
Ledger had relationships with famous colleagues and the largest age as Heather Graham and Naomi Watts, the relationship with the latter two years, but the British adoption of the Australian and met on the set of Ned Kelly, he seemed very serious and already talking about marriage, and is said to have been the same in Watts convince him to accept the role in the film Brokeback Mountain [citation needed]. On the set of this film, however, the plaintiff met the same age as Michelle Williams, the actress who plays the wife of his own cowboy, and the two began a story that went well beyond the film.

Ledger and Michelle October 28, 2005 had a daughter, Matilda Rose, whose godfather is Jake Gyllenhaal. The name chosen for her daughter, Matilda, has to do with the roots of Heath in Australia and there is a well known folk song called "Waltzing Matilda, written in the nineteenth century. Heath and Michelle have lived together for about three years, then announced in September 2007 after a long crisis, the end of their history
To my great regret Heath Ledger died suddenly at the age of 28, Tuesday, January 22, 2008.
always remember him as a knight in a shining armor ...
cit: Better a silly girl with a flower than a silly man with a horse and a stick. (A Knight's Tale)
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