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9/50. Funky.

Oh hey my first Polyvore rant...*drumroll*
I am really uber pissed. Okay so we all like roleplays right?
Dude if you're gonna look at the set and read the damn story why can't you just FAVE it?
Is clicking the damn mouse once so freaking difficult?
I mean'll read, you'll comment.
I know some, including me, do it by mistake but when it happens for each and every set it is NO MISTAKE!

I'm not taking any names but I used to be in a rp for a long time and some of the people there commented, blah blah blah, but NEVER faved my is especially annoying when I always faved theirs.
This sounds so stupid and childish but honestly I do actually take some time off to make these sets and stuff...they're not that good I know but still I put in some effort.
I don't know why I'm so angry...I just am I guess.
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