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50 Shades of Grey

First of all, I saw these books laying in the bookstore one day and the covers of the novels themselves drew me in at first, but i saw it was classified as a "erotic fiction" it kind of threw me off, and i really didn't feel like reading sucha thing. So I never bought them. However, my good friend Liese [that's what i call her anyways, her nickname hahha! ] then told me about them, and she was like "you should read 50 shades of grey", and really i didn't quite want to, but she told me that I should, and i'm kind of a push over when it comes to what types of books to read, so i said okay. So i bought the first one, and need less to say I was hooked. It's not the ahem kinky stuff that i was the story of Christian and Anastasia that got me hooked. 

Here you have a newly graduated young girl whom is fresh out of College. On the other hand you have this rich, gorgeous looking, young sucessful buinessman/entrepreneur whoever you want to call him, I personally thought that he wouldn't go for Ana. Just because I was i'll admit i thought that Ana wasn't his type at all. She was books, young and naive whereas, Christian on the otherhand was this intelligent, cold, distant but intriguing guy. Not to mention good looking. ;) 

The story of how C & A get together in Grey intrigued me the most. When i found out that he wanted her as a Submissive and he'd be her "Dominant" i was actually kind of confused. I'll admit i'm kind of slow about this kind of stuff, and when i read the "agreement" i was shocked, like seriously? an actual legal document for your ahem sex life? I was indeed ker-fuff-eled! 

I couldn't believe that Ana was actually considering this agreement. She was doing her research, and googling all this....some of the stuff that she researched made my eyes big aswell. I knew it was an erotic ficion when i decided to read it, and it's probably lukewarm compared to the other stuff out there. When she emailed Christian that it was "nice knowing you -Ana" I honestly thought that was the end of it, and evidently it wasn't. Christian is not a push-over you know, and he always gets what he wants. 

When C & A first have their first "scene" together, honestly i thought that this was thee kinkiest shiet i've ever read, and didn't know what to think because there was still like a whole book left. 
I thought that it was weird, kinky, and scrwed up to be totally honest. I was thinking that Christian was thee most F'd up person i've ever read about. However, Ana's thinking that maybe if she stayed with him then maybe he'd change. I was intrigued by Ana's determination to help Chrsitian and his issues. So much so, that she would actually agree to become his Submissive. I don't think that I'd have the lady balls to do that. That's just weird for me. But Ana's thinking and my thinking are way different, clearly. 

I think that considering they both go into this BSDM ? relationship together with these feelings for each other on a much deeper level then i think either of them intended to is unique. They go into this place of kink, sex, and butt plugs and neither of them actually went in with the intention of falling for the other as hard as they eventually do in 50 shades darker, well maybe except Ana. Christian said many times through out the book that he has had "many firsts" in Grey, and i think that that chipped away some of the armour he built around himself. The armour chipped away the more he and Ana spent time together. 

But when Christian said that he wasn't a "hearts and flowers" guy... all of it changed because of Ana. She and Christian embark into this "agreement" but Ana's attempts to become closer to him are halted when she finds out that she can't touch him. I was confused about that too like how can you be with another person, but not allowed to touch the other person? We find out more about it later. 

Then later in the novel when she says :"show me how bad it can get" all i thought was OHH SHHIIIITTT! THIS GONNA GET BAD! and it did. I cried after he hit her, and cried a bit more when she left him, even though she told him she loved him. I don't think Christian thought that anyone could love him like that. He clearly didn't believe it. 

In the end the story of Christian and Anastasia was interesting. E.J James did a wonderful job considering it was originally supposed to be a fan fiction for Twilight. Chrsitian's harrowing past and Ana's newly started out life as an aspiring editor had me hooked. I love how EJ James wrote the book, and gave Ana's side of the story instead of just Christian, but considering Chrsitian's kinky-ness i would have liked to seen his point of view. Which we do see a bit of his side when he first met Ana. We see it in 50 shades Freed. More on that later.

All in all, i think that this kinky book gets a 3.5/5 because it was kinky, messed, and i liked the other two a little more haha!

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