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Well, with this set I want to thank all those wonderful girls that follow me! I have 2381 followers! Omg I still can't believe it! So, well, just thank you! For your likes, for your comments, that really make my day! For all the love you give me everyday here! Just Thank you! ^___^
A special thank goes to all those marvelous, amazing girls that follow me steadly! I think I would leave this site if you all weren't here! A big thank you goes to:
@misssophie: you're always the first to like my sets and comment them! How do you do it? Thank you very much!
@ohwow-queenbee: you're adorable and sweet, and your comments are all so detailed and positive! Thank you!
@triciamcmillan: una delle poche italiane che conosco qui! Che dire.... Grazie mille tesoro mioo!! *-*
@milkandabsinth: penso che tu sia stat una delle prime italiane che ho conosciuto, anche se ci ho messo un po' per scoprire che sei italiana! ahaha Grazie mille per il tuo supporto, è fondamentale!
@eating-cheese-on-toast: your sets are a true inspiration for me and your challenge is soo funny! Thank you for your support!! *-*
@silvia-d: non so più che dire... anche per te, i tuoi set mi ispirano sempre e mi spingono a fare di più! grazie mille!!! 
@koby: you comment every single set! And always positively! I can't say anything but THANK YOU!
@mcfuz: even if it's a little bit that I follow you, your sets are amazing and they inspire me a lot! Thank you for your support!
@rosesred: just thank you very much my dear! *__*
@alicja2204: I just started to follow you, but you've already given me a lot of love! thank you for your comments and for your amazing set! 
You're soo many! I'm sorry if I've forgotten someone! I thank you all so much, all 2381!!!
Okay, I finished! ahah 
Lots of love!
Viola ;)
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