Artist/Band: Matty Mullins
Featured Song: See You In Everything
Album: Matty Mullins
Wednesday. November 19, 2014

I'm super excited for this weekend! At church I get to go help out at a bake sale all weekend, so that means baking non stop all weekend :) Plus one best friend is going to "help" (and by help I mean taste test) - we haven't done anything together recently (especially since Halloween) and this is a good way for us to get together and hang out. On top of that at Church we're doing what is called an octavo (it's a special song that just the choir does) and there's a really high part (it does to a high B) that I get to do with my mom, I'm super excited for that because she and my dad "are on break" from choir but they are coming back for the holiday season so they'll be in the choir and going to the practices until Christmas. I'm so happy because they have really amazing voices :) Also, I get to do the singing thing this Sunday with my old classmate again (see my last set if you have no idea what I'm talking about) and it turns out he's a fan of Matty Mullins and knows some of the songs off of Matty's self-titled album for the piano and so I get to sing Matty Mullins. Oh and we're also going to do some Beatles. And I have no homework to do. No tests or quizzes to worry about. Other than work, I don't have anything else. So happy that things are winding down!
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