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1. Irene Gem Drop Statement Earrings: http://www.pixiemarket.com/irene-gem-drop-statement-earrings.html
2. Woke Up Like This Crop Top: http://www.pixiemarket.com/woke-up-like-this-crop-top.html
3. White Chunky Heeled Sandals: http://www.pixiemarket.com/white-chunky-heeled-sandals.html
4. Beaded Garden Party Clutch: http://www.pixiemarket.com/beaded-garden-party-clutch.html
5. In Chain Silver Rings: http://www.pixiemarket.com/in-chain-silver-rings.html


Gentle reminder that you are not being body positive if you say that being ‘curvy’ or ‘fat’ is better than being skinny. You are not being body positive when you say that men don’t like thin girls because there’s nothing to grab onto. You’re skinny shaming and as someone who has been both overweight and very skinny, I can comfortably tell you that both of them suck equally. Stop shaming skinny girls in an attempt to make fat girls feel better.
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