1. I can alternate what kind of sets I make frequently; I'm not always using the SAME layout over and over.

2. I try to stick to color schemes, so each set I make has a pretty definite theme(:

3. I try to use popular and cute items, but I also use items that a lot of people don't use, which I think differentiates me from everyone else.

4. I think I'm equally good at layered sets and mosaics, which helps me differentiate myself even further.

5. Other than set-making, I keep involved in the polyvore community through roleplaying and plainly stating my opinions on the issues at hand.

6. I don't cause drama, and when drama is started, I try to help resolve it.


1. I tend to use the same items over and over, and I use the same color schemes over and over.

2. I look up to the "popular" girls, and I get a lot of inspiration from them, but I think I need to work on being more of my own person.

3. I don't put enough "me" into my sets, so they're usually not very personal. 

4. I get poly-block easily, and when I do, my sets tend to suck, and all of my creative ideas are duds.

5. I try too hard, and I tend to over-do some things. For example, many of my layered sets are too cluttered with fillers.

Good luck to everyone(:
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