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Yup im a boss like that lol
I saw him <3
Yea i know :/
Some girl puked in his class lol
So while he was waiting outside with friends i was walking past he said "Kiana! Hella happy lol
So i stood in front of him with my phone in my face he asked what was wrong
I said nothing 
I gave him a hug
He asked again he said u don't look happy
And at the time i wasn't but it wasn't important for him to know
So i just replied with a I'm fine
He asked a few more times before finally realizing that i might just be fine
On our way up the steps he went in front of me through the doors but before i could leave Tone jumped in and got in my way talking about some I'm cheating on him so i yelled that were aren't dating 
He laughed and tried to follow me as i left but then he saw the mean azz security guard of the school and reconsidered 
Me and keyhan continued on our way to my class 
I grabbed his hand and we walked to class like a couple ^.^
Then he dropped me off to class and left 
Even though it doesnt sound like much its something
But im not letting him win this round 

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