mkayyyy(: so i think i'm a pretty good drawer. but i usually draw anime, manequins, && if i draw animals i don't do detailed. i do cute bunnies or animated animals. lol ;D too hard to do a real gorilla..
first of all you need your tools


- sketchbook
- colored pencils
- pencils w/ erasers
- pencil case {big enough to hold colored pencils too}
- folder

DAY 1;;

- start off w/ animals. draw some animals that you can think of. then, go on google && search up clip art of animals. you can do that.

REViEW;; draw a zoo or part of it♥

DAY 2;;

- now we'll draw plants. draw flowers, trees, bushes, etc.

REViEW;; draw a garden you want♥

DAY 3;;

- noww draw a house outside. so make a box w/ a roof, windows, doors, trees, curtains, window flowers, etc.

REViEW;; draw a house you want♥

DAY 4;; 

- now lets start drawing people. this might be the hardest for beginners. but its easiest for me. anyways, draw a U <-- face. then draw two eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, etc. then the hair, neck, clothes, arms, legs, shoes, and accessories. i usually go to this website my sis goes on;;
lol it has girls you can dress up so i get a mannequin w/ clothes on and use that as my guide.

REViEW;; draw a fashion show. don't forget the seats, wacky fashions, and walkway.♥

DAY 5;;

- now we're gonna draw cute sanrio characters. go on;; there are a BUNCH of cute characters including hello kitty, kerropi, and cinnamoroll.

REViEW;; draw all of hello kitty friends && herr (:

DAY 6;;

- draw makeup. so what i did was i went on polyvore of course && found a collection of makeup. then i drew some like a clinique concealer or philosophy smoothie. just make a collage of them all. its really easy. you can do the same for clothes

REViEW;; draw a page filled w/ ONLY philosophy, laura mercier, lancome, bare essentials, NYC, && benefit♥

DAY 7;;

- noww draw clothes OR accessories {coach bag}. find a collection. draw the PiNK sweaters, abercrombie cardis, juicy sweats, etc. 

REViEW;; draw a page filled w/ ONLY victoria secret, juicy, coach, wildfox couture, && hollister♥

HOPE YOU LIKE THIS. it only takes you a week. but i think its pretty easy. just keep practiciing this EVERY week && soon you'll be a new leonardo devinci♥
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