Music: Who knew 
Artist: P!nk
Song:Protecting me
Artist: Aly& AJ
Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle

I was so sad at the end, Gabrielle thought she and Xena would always be together...but Xena died at the end and it was very sad when the 'spirit' of Xena came to say goodbye to Gabrielle. These two were the best of friends who became destined for each other and they were one. Xena is always there for Gabrielle; literally protecting her. And actually this is a canon pairing, the creators and Lucy Lawless even revealed later on in the series after the first kiss that: yes, they (Xena and Gabrielle) are a couple.


Please feel free to join in. The Bonus challenge list is in the description of the group.
Femslash (girl/girl pairing)
If you do not like same gender pairings, do not look at this set. No flaming in the comments, I will not tolerate homophobia. if you don't like this set because of same gender pairings JUST IGNORE the set and leave me alone. I will not tolerate any harassment. Sorry for being hard, but I am tired of homophobia, and "WTF" or "Eww!" or "sick" comments. Leave nice comments.
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