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[boring story alert, and yes, yes i picked a song by the cheetah girls. sue me. oh and i feel the need to mention meadow's speech is really by Robert Greene]

“We need to work on your attire,” I giggled to Shane as he walked towards me.
He looked down at his choice of fashion, “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” 
“Nevermind,” I giggled. “You ready to do this?”
“I’m not entirely sure what I am doing,” he quirked an eyebrow.
“Just look handsome and do what I tell you to,” I told him. Tonight was the talent show. I couldn’t display my real talent on stage, so I decided to give my presentation. I had convinced my professor to come and hear my speech. 
“Fine. When do you go on?”
“And now we have Ms. Meadow coming to the stage,” Valum announced to the crowd.
“Now,” I giggled to Shane. “I’ll motion for you to come up.” I walked and stood in the middle of the stage. I could project my voice well, so I didn’t need a mike.
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” I begin. “How is everyone tonight?” I smiled at some of the replies I got. Men were funny.
“So I decided to give a manual on something I am very, very,” I flirted with a guy in the back, “good at. The Art of Seduction. And helping me is my friend, Shane. I‘ll bring him out later, ladies.” I giggled as some of the “aww-ed.”
“Now there are ten seductive characters.” I counted off the characters on my fingers, “the siren, the natural, the star, the rake, the coquette, the anti-seducer, the ideal lover, the charmer, the dandy, and the charismatic. And I will break down each character as we go. I promise I won’t keep you all night,” I smiled.
“You can keep me all night,” I heard a masculine voice from the back. I giggled.
“So first we will start with the siren. Can I get a volunteer?” I spotted Lana. “Lana, come up here babe. Give it up for this sexy lady, who by the way just landed an awesome role,” I clapped.
“So miss Lana here will be the sexy siren and Shane,” I motioned for him to come out, “will be our male.”
I begin to break down the characters. “Everything depends on the target of your seduction. Study your prey thoroughly, and choose only those who will prove susceptible to your charms.”
For the next thirty minutes, I gave my mini seminar. I was thoroughly impressed with myself.

After all the other girls were through, we stayed around for some drinks and fun. I grabbed Kennedy and Brylyn’s hand and dragged them to the dance floor. 
I raised my hands in the air and begin to move my body to the beat. I was on cloud nine. Not only did my professor love my speech, but I managed to snag a new client.
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