5O theme challenge;

5O theme challenge;
Moderated by itsemma and skysailing.
1. no Abercrombie or Hollister
2. main shorts & top should be from American eagle.
3. use a picture and/or a quote from your favorite singer//artist//or band.
4. use a white t-shirt, and add accents (:
5. use a striped sweater and a belt.
6. use one of the new years resolution quotes. (for ex. http://www.polyvore.com/can_read/thing?id=7499741)
7. easy one. use your FAVORITE color as the main color. I should be able to tell at first glance.
8. recreate your favorite set of yours, with a new touch.
9. use a picture without any humans in it. (for ex. plants, flowers)
10. use a wordart quote, such as http://www.polyvore.com/fuckyeahwordart/thing?id=10179066
11. base a set off of your favorite television show. if you don’t have one, use your favorite actor or actress.
12. open your contacts, close your eyes and pick somebody at random. make a set inspired by this person.
13. base a set off of your favorite movie.
14. create an outfit that you would wear in new York city.
15. use pastels 
16. the main items in your set should be from Forever 21.
17. use your favorite sport, and in the info, explain it to us.
18. create a set that enforces going green.
19. use skinny jeans, and dress it up to your own style.
20. create a set with a quote that means something special to you.
21. use your favorite fairy tale as a basis of your set.
22. three words of life. juicy couture jacket.
23. charm bracelet! use a charm bracelet in your set!
24. very colorful! find a picture with three or more colors in it, and incorporate them all into your set.
25. inspire a set off of your favorite song. think about the meaning.
26. make up your own quote, and make a set with it.
27. one word. neon. use at least one neon item.
28. use plaid. any plaid.
29. inspire a set off of your favorite set maker!
30. use the colors blue & pink. will you be pastel? or boom?
31. 5O items, exactly! tough one 
32. use stars. a picture with a starry sky, a shirt with a star, star earrings, just make sure you use stars.
33. use a bathing suit. doesn’t have to be made exactly as a bathing suit, just make sure there is a bathing suit somewhere in the set :P
34. peaaacceee. give us a peace sign, eh?
35. base a set off of your FIRST set, or the first one on your present accounr.
36. use your favorite food!
37. use a quote from your favorite movie.
38. classic (: black and white, baby.
39. base a set off of dance. ballet, hip hop, modern, jazz…
40. clogs (: clogs are super cool.
41. flowersss, of course.
42. summer (: even though its probably not summer anymore, use stuff that reminds you of it.
43. tanks and bows. add a bow to a tank, and create a set.
44. make a set that is daintily, classicly, formal. pretend your going to a ball.
45. 5 more sets to go! PURPLE!
46. use hearts :D
47. use an edited item
48. use your favorite site model.
49. tee. use a graphic tee of some sort!
50. LAST ONE! redo your favorite theme you’ve done so far!
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