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QOTD: (I forgot to do this in my last sets. oops)
"Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas"~ Marie Curie 

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☆What kind of phone do you have?
android ^-^
☆Song of the week:
One and Only by Adele 
☆Favourite scent:
My lip butter by Nivea in "Raspberry Rose Kiss" GUYS IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN 
☆Favourite fruit:
I love em all 
☆Favourite sushi roll:
I never tried sushi but I've tried seaweed and I didn't like it (: #dontshunmeh 
☆Favourite shape:
Deez nuts. 
Jk lol but um, a circle . Durr d:
☆Favourite designer collection:
☆Name 1 item from your wishlist:
Hmm. $10,000 
☆Most hated subject in school
☆Song you secretly like:
Saturday by Rebecca Black 
☆Favourite model:
Cara D.
☆Favourite phone app:
polyvore / snapchat / youtube. I can't pick! 
☆Coffee or tea? 
☆Black and white or color?
Black and white and gray 
☆Drawings or paintings?
I'm better at drawing but I guess painting is fun too. 

☆Books or movies?
"if its a book to movie adaption then i'll probably like the book more, but some movies w/o books are really good!!! so idk " ~ Universed (kept it cause same)

☆Pepsi or Coke? 

☆Chinese or Italian?
i tried to learn chinese but... too hard so i think ill say italian
☆Early bird or night owl?
Both? Bc I can wake up at like 5:40 and sleep at like 1 . Lol. Im not healthy 

☆Chocolate or vanilla?
chocolate AND vanilla 

☆Hugs or kisses? 

☆Spring or autumn?

☆Rural or urban?

☆PC or Mac?
dont have any of those #dontshunmeh 

☆Tan or pale?
im right in the middle but i wanna be tan

☆Cake or pie?
cake all the way
☆Icecream or yoghurt? 
ice cream ^-^ and isn't yogurt? 
☆Ketchup or mustard?
Ketchup (not alone thoo)

☆Sweet pickles or dill pickles?
I aint about that pickle life

☆Comedy or mystery?
Both c:
☆Dancing or singing?
I can do the whip and nae nae. & i guess i dont break all my moms glass cups when i sing so im ok.

☆Wine or beer?
Beer. Whoops. 
☆Freckles or dimples?
I have dimples but both are cute ^-^ 

☆Baseball or basketball?

☆Crushed ice or cubed ice?
Crushed bc cubed ice take to much space in my drink and i dont even eat it . >.<

☆Fiction or non-fiction? 
fiction c:

☆Smoking or non-smoking?
I dont smoke but i have many good friends that do. I dont judge ツ

☆Think before you talk or talk before you think?
i think before i talk but sometimes i'll slip up and talk before i think. 

☆Asking questions or answering questions?
Both c:

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& anyone else who wants to do it c:
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