so congratulations to my ex boyfriend and his new gf "i'm so proud. you guys are so cute." 
yeah right more like "dieeee"

i'm so glad he's blocked on my facebook. do you know how much i would look at his profile?

i need a boyfriend.
all my friends have one except kayla.

kayla's hot.
great. great. great.

blah i need to work out.
seriously. i wish i had a hot bod, agreed?
and i'm gonna see elin today.
hooray. she's coming over and we havn't hung, in like. forever. pretty much.
miss her. like so much(:
i'll probably rant to her.
then, she'll prob text him. And try to get us to talk.
but, no not this time. i hate him.
he's such a jerk to me. i deserve so much better.
idc if i'm still in love with him.
he needs to treat me better. if he ever tries to get with me again.
you think that'll happen?
but if it does. he legit has to prove to me he deserves me.
like, no more miss nice girl. seriously.
i need a guy, that will treat me with respect.
yeah. cause i deserve it...
i honestly do, i've been through way too much with guys.
yeah. way too much.
i don't want an obsessive and creepy guy though. hate those.....
i can't wait til christmas btw cause. i'm getting a car....
and i can go wherever.
yeah. that'll be chill. and on top....
ya. i can see chris.
my best friend that moved.

rofl okay i'm totally done i promise bye
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