Hello there, actually I never thought I'd say it out loud but... its good to be back in Poland :DD

So yes I'm gonna talk long, at least longer than usually haha which is not sth very hard to achieve 'cause ya know my descriptions aren't the longest ones (but I wish I could make them longer and still keep interesting :))

Soooo, here we go.   Yesterday I came back from my 10 days long trip to Italy and Austria . Mostly Italy, cause we just had a stopover in Austria to übernacht - I mean sleep. (Huh, me being a polyglot... ) driving straight from Poland to Italy wouldnt be possible ( ohh maybe if we had better roads and more highways in Poland it would be faster to go outside the country) but no more complaining FOR NOW AT LEAST.

We stayed in Liguria , at the seaside near Cinqueterre which is FAB actually, I'm gonna post the photos I took  in some sets maybeee (if I wont be too lazy hahaha )

At first my impression was that it's too hot and too loud and too many people and I was too tired even to fall asleep -,-
but when I woke up it turned out to be beautiful outside and the beach was quite nice as we found one with not so many people on it. yaaay I loved snorkeling and seeing the colorful fishes *.*

We made a few trips, like to Pisa, a cruise around Cinqueterre, Florence ( it was so hot and well the cathedral makes a huge impression and it is so so amazing but I've been there when I was younger and this time the hotness was unbearable and all I wanted was just to get out of that city with thousands of tourists :// )

When I got to know Portofino was in Italy and only one hour from the place we stayed I insisted on going there... And it didn't disappoint me ! Its so cute and beautiful and the boutiques of designers like Dior or Pucci in small houses <3<3 and I almost felt like  in the Dior campaign with JAC "I found my love in Portofino" ahhh sweet dreams hahah.

We also stopped in San Gimignano to eat the best ice cream in the world. AND ACTUALLY IT IS TRUE. If you'll ever be there don't forget to take pistachio flavour it's the best BEST EVER... oh and I ate the best pizza in my life in Levanto. with mozzarella, herbs , tomatoes and basil. I bet it would be nothing special and delicious in here but that one was just PERFECT. :D

When we were driving back to Poland we stopped in Milan. Now I can say I only lack New York from the 4 fashion cities :D :D so farI I liked LONDON THE MOST. It's just the most me, if that makes any sense.....
also, I can say that I went shopping in Milan , it doesnt matter it was Gap and Abercrombie not Prada or Louis Vuitton in Vittorio Emmanuelle II Galerié. But shopping is shopping,right?

I bought Vogue Italia in Milan. I felt fashion in the air( sounds pathetic ughh,). I had enough time while we were driving back to analyse every photo, campaign and photoshoot. Too bad I don't know Italian cause the articles seem interesting.. Gonna try google translate them. Good luck with that Ola, good luck :/
What's more about Vogue, I bought it for 5 euros, in Poland I would pay for it about 11 euros , makes difference, right? same was with British edition...
Oh and I finished reading The Hunger Games in English. Wooo yay for me! It was even better than in polish :P  I had no trouble knowing what I'm reading about , I only didnt understand some single words but I usually worked them out from the context. (:

I think I'm done now. It's longer than I've expected... Anyways the trip was a bit tiring and I've to admit I prefer colder climate ...

Oh and that outfit, yeah its a draft cause I'm still away but in Poland and I can't create sets on the iPad so I'm just publishing drafts.. While I was in Italy I imagined myself wearing this outfit hehe *.*

So that's it for now. Hope you're having a fab holiday and wish you a nice week guys :D :D :D xx Ola
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