Hiiiii, so I said some time ago that even that the contest for your Polyvore Story has ended I'll write mine story under one of the sets :)

It was may, or hmm maybe early june when I was with my bestfriend in her flat and I dont know maybe the weather was bad cause we just stayed home and browsed the internet. We are both interested in fashion so we've visited couple of sites about it and suddenly she started showing me some sets on polyvore with some cool t-shirts in them. Well, we just used it to look at these tops not to create sets or anything... But then some days after I was bored and had nothing to do on the internet and I quite didnt remember what was the name of this cool site about fashion and creating sets. I knew it was sth starting with the letter "p". Don't ask me what names I tried but finally I googled something and it just asked me if I was searching for POLYVORE. Yes guys, then I just created my account and created the first sets. I didnt know what my username should be (to be honest I never was good with usernames and nicknames) well I just came with the idea of having my favorite flower as username and to make it more *cough* cooler (which now seems quite cheesy to me) I decided to enter the name of this flower in another language than polish. By that time I was kinda obsessed with German language so I entered the German version: Hortensie (or at least what google translator told me). So automatically my icon is hydrangea. And to be honest I'm getting more and more bored with that. But also I'm afraid to change it hehe, cause the icon is that thing from people recognize you sometimes. :)  Here you go, these were my very first sets: http://www.polyvore.com/look/set?id=19947204
Well it was more than 2 years ago but I've created a huge amount of sets - 648 is a pretty big number. Both the clothes I was using and the layout constanly changed and I think they still do. From the first enter to Polyvore I became crazy about it. Really. Fashion became something more important to me, I mean as the interest. To be honest in real life I wear quite nice clothes but you can't say that I blindly follow the trends. Only if something really catches my eye I want to have it in my closet cause I just love this trend, it was the maxi skirt recently. What's more, I'm still only 16, was 14 when I started on Polyvore and my parents dont buy me everything I want and I know well that some items I use here are not affordable for me. Oh when I'd save for something, then sure, but I don't feel like saving for some designers bag 1000$. 

Because of Polyvore I discovered many more designers that I didn't know earlier. Can you imagine that I've never heard about Marni, Alexander Wang, YSL and many many more of them? Yes, Polyvore showed me fashion for real. Like I really didn't know how it works before, I just liked nice clothes and shopping and that was all. 

Also from Polyvore I got to know many models, I mean from the sets where their pictures are being used. I'm polish and before being on Polyvore I didn't know JAC, Kasia Struss and Magdalena Frackowiak. And then I got to know how really models work, I watched the interviews with them and many models from other countries... Also I didn't know when the fashion weeks are... And I didnt find them anything interesting ;) but yes yes I always was saying I liked fashion hahhaha :p

Tumblr. I didn't know it exists before. Seriously, I just saw the links on some of your guys profiles to your tumblrs and I saw that its a place where I can find great photos to use later in my sets. And i mostly use tumblr for that thing :)

Last but not least. Polyvore is all about the amazing community. I met here so many nice and open people,  that are always very happy to talk and they're always so kind when commenting my sets. (I don't know why I was writing 'they', I should've been writing YOU instead because it's YOU all guys who made my Polyvore adventure so great!) so it's you from who I get the constant support even when I'm away and not commenting and liking your sets! I always promise to catch up and so do I this time ;) I always can't wait to see your beautiful creations <3

For me as a foreigner, Polyvore is also a great place to train my language skills, I can talk in English with people and also that I'm learning German and French too I can find some people from these countries and try writing in german/french too :D

Oh and the naming the models game :D that is cool. And the other one: seeing people at the streets knowing which designer their clothes are hehe that's fun actually :) but seriously now I treat fashion as my real interest 'cause well now I can say a lot about it :) 

Feel free to browse through my archives to see how the style of mine and my sets changes... I do it sometimes too and then I think:" what was I thinking when I was putting this awful skirt with these awesome Marc Jacobs flats?! " ;)

I think I could go on much longer but I guess it's already long enough :) 
Thank you @polyvore for this amazing opportunity to discover my style and fashion and meet all these people! Thanks a lot! And thank you guys for being such amazing polyfriends :) I never thought I'll have more than 100.000 likes on my sets, more than 7.500.000 set views and more than 8000 followers! That means a lot! Xx Ola
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