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Alright, so this has been long time coming, so here we go...

My name is Jadelyn, or Suri as some might know me on this site. I joined Polyvore at the end of sixth grade on an old account that I deleted. Then, on December 31st, 2010 I joined Polyvore on this account. I’ve been very gracious to meet many wonderful people on here, many that I could call friends. So many kind words and people helped me here through my tough times, and I am very glad to be alive to say this, but, I am finally leaving Polyvore.

I carefully took this into considerations, and came to some conclusions:
1) I am going into high school and very excited to. I got accepted to the academy of my choice and I would like to focus on my freshman year rather than be on the internet for hours on end. This science and engineering academy is the hardest in the district, and you get an average of two hours of homework a day. I’m starting off the school year with a 4.5 GPA because of the high school classes I took as a seventh and eighth grader, and I would like to work hard in hopes of raising and maintaining it. I have many difficult electives such as Algebra II and Pre-Calculus all in the same year. I do not regret picking such a hard academy, and I’d like to enjoy my first year of high school.

2) As some of you may or may not know, I actively play in my district’s girl’s tennis team. I take tennis clinics twice a week, and I plan to start private lessons. I take tennis very seriously and probably spend two hours a day after school every day. I spend about SEVENTEEN hours a week just on tennis already, not putting into consideration if it is tennis season. The high school varsity team is very hard to get into, so most freshmen go to junior varsity. But, if I put a lot of time and effort into tennis, I hope to get to varsity by the time I am a sophomore. This, obviously, cannot be accomplished if I am sitting on my butt at my computer at all times.

3) There’s a huge music scene outside of the internet. Sure, over the past two years, the internet has helped me find many bands and strengthen my love for them. But, I would appreciate seeing them live and nothing would show my love for them more than just going to see my favorite bands live. I have a few concerts in mind that I’d like to go to, and obviously I’d rather be there than be in my basement on Polyvore all of the time.

4) For the past almost four years, I have been in the gifted program called Gateway. The district picks 25 fourth graders each year to be accepted into this program. I was very blessed to be accepted all those years ago. Then, each year, we would be with the same classmates and teachers up until high school. Then, you would also ‘adopt’ or mentor the grade below you. Although I dreaded it in the beginning, eighth grade became a very important year for me. I realized how close I was to the 25 (now, only 21) people I’ve been with since 5th grade (not to mention the twenty some kids in the grade below us). In high school, many of us are separating, going into different academies and the goodbyes were very tough. So, I’d like to spend some time maintaining these 40+ relationships and hopefully making new friends this coming school year.

5) --

6) Lastly, I just think that it’s just time to move on. I came onto Polyvore very depressed and alone. It was such a lonely and sad place I was. It’s almost scary to think about. My seventh grade year was very tough when I left all of my Gateway friends for an entire year at a different school. In the summer of 2011, I was afraid that I wouldn’t make it to the end. In the beginning of eighth grade, the transition into Gateway again was terribly difficult, and I almost ended my own life. Throughout all of these situations, I was on Polyvore and my Polyvore friends were there for me. Now, I think I am much better and genuinely happy. I don’t need Polyvore as a way to escape anymore; I think I am finally okay. I won’t ever regret being on Polyvore, but, I think it’s time for me to move on from this and to better things in my life.

Now, it’s time for everybody’s messages:
@pizzaisyummy, or @benferris: Sarah, I know that we still text each other every day, and that you don’t have an account anymore. But, it only feels right for you to be my first message. You are seriously one of my best friends. My whole life, I learned from bad experiences that people always leave in the end. But, despite all of that, you’ve proven that wrong. You were always there for me during the hardest times of my life. This is cliché and lame, but, you were always there for me to lean on during hard times. You are like the older sister I’ve always wanted. Honestly, I really look up to you as one. Sometimes, I’m so glad that I can have someone to come home to and talk about school. I’m so glad that you’ve dealt with my the Maine and Paradise Fears fangirling, my constant talk about Quinn and my childish ways because I really don’t have a friend that could ever compare to you. You’ve helped me when I was depressed and when I was nursing a broken heart. You are probably one of the strongest people I know, and please know I’ll always be there for you. I am so thankful for that day that we both got bored and starting talking to each other. You joined Polyvore a month before me (which I called fate lol). I used to be so jealous of your sets because they were too nice. It’s weird thinking back on those thoughts, and thinking about you now. One day, I really do think that we’ll meet and become really life best friends. I’ll always love you Sarah-Cuda, you’ll always be the Pat to my Kennedy. (Wow, this turned out longer than expected lol)

@sourpatkirch: I don’t think we’re really friends anymore. But, I guess that doesn’t really matter anymore. You’ve moved on and have I. I really doubt that you’re even going to see this. You were an awesome RP buddy, and I really loved talking to you about the Maine during the summer. I’m not on the Pennedy blog too much anymore. But, I promise that I will come on occasionally. We talked so much during the summer, but somehow, that just fell apart. You were just on Tumblr a lot by the beginning of the school year, and I just kept getting angrier and angrier. I wish that you were there for so many of my lowest and highest times. But, you just weren’t. This isn’t really a goodbye anymore, but this is an I’m sorry. I am really sorry for getting angry at you all the time, honestly. I wish that we’d talk again, but, I know that we couldn’t be best friends anymore. I wish you good luck with your junior year, and hope things are well.

@accio-agr0n: Okay, so, eventually, I would need to come around saying this, but, I’m sorry that we fought (earlier in the year, I think?). I haven’t really thought about the fight since that day, but I thought that I’d mention it now. I’m not sure if you hate me still or whatever. If you do, then I’m sorry that you still feel like that way, and I hope that eventually you’ll be okay with it. I don’t think I’m angry at you since there isn’t really a reason to. In all honesty, I really did like your sets before the conflict. Since I’m leaving, I needed to bury the ax and forget about the fight. I’m sorry, I hope you’re not too angry at me. I’d like a call a truce ^.^

@sickestcore, @bittersweetlullabies: Carie, you’ll always be Swaqqalicious and Tori, you’ll always be Auntie Bear. I’m not sure if you look back on that set anymore: /set?id=35519831 but, it always makes me laugh. I know that neither of you guys are frequently on Polyvore anymore. But, I just wanted both of you guys to know that I will always remember that set. I hope you guys continue being awesome, and feel free to talk to me on tumblr or twitter when you have the chance.

@patr0nus, @lost-in-senseless-dreams: You two are probably my top inspirations on Polyvore. I’m so glad to have two Asian buddies like you. You two were always just so great to me, and I’m thankful for talking to you guys. Anh, I wish you well on the road to recovery, and I hope that you’ll stay strong because I love you :) Ines, I freaking love you for getting me into cropped sets. Good luck with that boy you like! And I definitely want you guys to try to talk to me every now and then, alright?

@cameronhurley, @pi0neer, @garrettnickelsen: I feel the need to group you guys together since you guys are friends with each other. I’m so glad that I was able to talk to each of you guys while I was here on Polyvore. I know that none of you come onto Polyvore a lot anymore. But, I think I needed to say something to my Polyvore inspiration set makers. I wish you all luck in the incoming school year, and I hope that I can talk to you guys soon. :)

@all-we-believe-in, @headcase, @perplex, @ten-uto: You four were such good friends to me, even though I’m really bad with messages. Brianna, thank you for being one of the first people to ever comment on one of my sets, I really appreciate it. I hope you keep on making amazing sets when I’m gone. Holly, I’m sorry for originally telling you that Jared Monaco was a blonde. That was just poor knowledge at that point lol. Moira, I hope you keep making your amazing sets and know that Sam Miller is mine >:) Last, but certainly not least, Kendra, I love you and your sets, and you should give me your personal tumblah, alright?

@jazmaine, @an-unknown-world: I feel the need to put you guys together since you guys are such good friends. Thank you both for making my time on Polyvore amazing. I am absolutely HORRIBLE with messages, but thanks with dealing with it all this time. I’ll miss the both of you two, and hope to talk to you guys soon.

@division, @vivus, @kaitlintheowl, @obliviate, @high-regard, @kerri-berri, @ariz0na, @same-old-sinner: I feel bad that never got the chance to talk to any of you lovely people during my time on Polyvore. But, I’d like to let you guys know that you six are some of my favorite set makers. I hope that we can talk some day on tumblr or twitter. I hope you guys keep on making amazing sets :-)

Damn, goodbyes are just so hard to write. But, it was going to happen eventually. If I missed you, I’m very sorry. But, I want to thank each and every single person that’s ever liked or commented on a set of mine and told me words to keep me strong. You are all the people that I will never forget. Thank you, very, very much. I came to Polyvore as a broken person, but leaving stronger than before. I still will be on for most of the summer. But, I do not plan on coming on often or at all during the school year. I promise that I will return every once and a while, updating everyone and seeing what everyone has been up to. But, for now, this is goodbye.

I will still be on tumblr, although, I might not be able to reply so frequently, since most likely, my queue would be on. But, feel free to follow me and talk to me on there. I think it will always stay But, if it every changes, you will be redirected to my tumblr with a different URL.

Also, I will be on twitter. My username is @jadelynfordays. I have twitter on my iPod, so I know I’ll be on there most of the time. Just a warning, I tend to tweet a lot. So, that’s just a warning in advance. But, that is where you’ll definitely be able to contact me. Follow me and tell me your Polyvore username, and if we were friends, then I’ll probably follow back.

Yours Truly (lol),
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