Artist/Band Of The Day: Warrant
Featured Song: Down Boys
Album/EP: Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
Monday. September 9, 2013

Today was an pretty good day today. One of my classes got canceled and of course it was the first one of the day so I could have totally slept in and took a different trolley to get to school but /no/, Murphy's Law decided to be a b*tch. But whatever. I saw cute guy and we hung out until my next class which wasn't for a few more hours- so we went to a near campus cafe/coffee shop place, he works there (it's kind of like Pannera bread, but it isn't a chain. It's a mom and pop operation- /his/ mom and pop to be more specific so /yes/ I did meet his parents today- and apparently he talks about me, according to his mom). Oh, and today I learned that he can sing too- a friend called me and I set her ring tone as an ATL song (Keep The Change You Filthy Animal) and he sang along with Alex and continued to sing even after I picked up. Gah! He's just too cute for words. After my would be second class I hung out with some of my friends, and then after that I headed to work and it was a low profile day so I got to change the music form our store's pandora music station thing and use my music. Mwahaha! Listened to a lot of1940's and 1920's style music. Loved it!
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