It's been a while since I wrote a longer description so now I'll try...
Obviously I'm so busy with school, still catching up and also learning some new topics. Maths is the harders subject, especially when you take higher maths, it's like a suicide for me, so I have to consider changing courses, well not now but in next few months I'll have to think about it. I do like maths, when I understand it hahahah :D 
Okaay that was SO boring. I'm wondering why I even wrote it. Like, who wants to read about school on weekend? 
Oh yes, well I almost forgot it was saturday because i was doing homework all afternoon. Whatever.
Let's move on to some more interesting things :p

So I was counting days until wednesday 28th from like I don't know beginning of september or so. and finally this day came :D Archive - one of my favourite bands went on tour promoting their new album and they announced 5 concerts in Poland. Actually they play also today in Poznan (and I wish I could be there right now so bad). So on wednesday i went with my dad to see them live for the second time in my life and I was amazed. I loved them before , their music was perfect to me but THAT CONCERT. that.was.amazing.perfect.breathtaking. 
Realllyyyyy I still can feel how great it was. i had lots of fun. The crowd was sometimes singing with them and you could see they love them. So I can say it was the best concert in my life actually :D (well U2 was ahh-mazing too, but it was on a stadium, and Archive wasn't in an open-space) and Holly Martin, their new female voice - s-p-e-e-c-h-l-e-s-s. hahaha guys I could go on for hours telling you how great it was ;))
oh and I got the band tshirt which maybe isn't as interesting as the one from their concert back in 2009 but still I love it :)

Yesterday I traditionally went for coffee with my friends and then we went to one of my friends house for sleepover :D I love spending time like this after an exhausting week! we tried to cook something but the result was just ok. nothing special :( i told you I'm so bad at cooking. we watched "love actually" as you know it's 1.12 so yay christmas is coming and you have to feel the atmosphere. no, but seriously, I haven't watched that before. we went to bed at 5 am so I didn't get much sleep yesterday and now I'm kinda falling asleep (well the worst was when I was doing homework :/) and it's 11 pm so I'm gonna go. 
Love you all <3
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