Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. - Jim Rohn

name - lily diana watts
age - sixteen
hometown - toronto, ontario, canada
likes - cinnamon gum, russian history, shopping, navy, gold, discipline, classical music, architecture, ice hockey, ballet, novels, french literature, traveling, electronic cigarettes, empty rooms, snow, soy candles, stretching, 
dislikes - most people, beating around the bush, her brother, food, pink, chaos 
personality traits - sarcastic, witty, quiet, blunt, controlling
style - casual elegance. Very basic, neutral/muted colors.
bio - Lil had been training to be a ballerina for her entire life until her twin brother Miles found her puking up her late night snack after rehearsal. Her mother, a cosmetic chemist, and her father, a politician, feeling pressure from the community decided to send her to VH, the best boarding school they could find that was still on the same continent. Lily's specific training for entrance into the Royal Ballet in England has caused her to be extremely disciplined and controlling. Lily refuses to deal with bullshit and any person that brings bullshit into her personal bubble. She is very independent and would rather be alone than with others. She has no filter and does not make an effort to become friends with people, but if someone does get the opportunity to see past her flaws and befriend her, Lil will defend them until her dying breath. Lily's main goal is to convince everyone her "stupid eating disorder" is a thing of the past so she can get the hell out of this school and get back to the ballet.
reason for being at the school - bulimia

story - 
Being in the studio was a blessing. It was the one place i had complete control of my life. The National Ballet School was demanding and serious and i thrived in the environment. In my black long sleeved leotard with my hair in a perfectly quaffed bun and bare faced i was the definition of the perfect ballerina. I looked the part. I was the part. Waiting for the music to begin, i always did a few combinations across the floor to loosen up. Pirouette, pirouette, Fouetté jeté, glissade, grand jeté. My toes were pointed, my legs were straight, no sickled feet, and my elbows were rounded to perfection. Nadya shouted at the 4 other girls in the class in her thick russian accent; turn out your feet!, stand up straight, suck in your stomach! That comment made my insides lurch. It was 2 in the afternoon and my stomach was empty of its arugula salad after a quick trip to the washroom in the studio before class began. I was tight and thin and could turn on a dime. I knew the performances like my finger knew the back of my throat and the other girls knew it about as well as my mother knew me, which was very little if not at all.
"Lily, show them please" Nadya was tall and thin like me, with pitch black hair, light coffee skin, and eyes that resembled a raven's; dark and penetrating. She had no tolerance for incompetence and laziness, much like myself. I nodded in a agreement, a still look on my face. The other girls joked around and laughed throughout class, which was ludicrous. Ballet was not a hobby. Ballet was a life. You had to train right, eat right, look right, be right, act right, and perform right. You had to be the epitome of sophistication and grace.
Alfred, the pianist, started the piece and i stepped into third position and lept into a quatre fouetté en tournant into a grande jete to the floor. I heard the other girls scoffing and felt them glaring into the back of my head, but i ignored them. Here, i was the best and they were all vying for the spot of mediocre. 

"You're on more drugs than i thought if you think i'm wearing that monstrosity of an outfit." At home, it was much harder to keep control. My mother, Veronica, was almost more controlling and driven than i was but with a mentality of those repulsive girls in the ballet studio. 
"Darling, this event is very important for your father's career and you need to look presentable! Miles is wearing his tuxedo, now you need to wear your gown!"
"Mother.....its magenta. I do not wear colors that border on florescent, nor will i wear something that has sequins attached to every crevice of the fabric. You fucking hate this charity anyway, its for animal rights. Im pretty sure you dont give a flying shit about animals."
"What are you on about darling, love the animals!" she shifted from her left foot over to her right foot, a tell tale sign she was lying, and then proceeded to prove my point by checking her wrist for the time even though she'd already taken her watch off in place of a cartier love bracelet.
"I heard you with Mr. Fussen on the phone, youre fighting quite a cute lawsuit for killing a few hundred dogs this past month?What was it a new lotion? or a blush? Last time i think it was a shampoo of some sort. loving animals is clearly your specialty, V" i rolled my eyes and proceeded to shove the dress back into Veronica's hands. "I have a navy gown up stairs ill be down in a moment" ignoring her pleas to please put on some foundation i glided up the stairs of our 4 story penthouse and grabbed the gown from my walk in closet. throwing it on i put on a bit of mascara and eyeliner and straightened out my hair. It was at that moment that my father, Andrew, stepped into my room. He was a tall, well built man and most likely won the election based predominantly on his looks. Tonight, his attire consisted of a black tuxedo, white pressed shirt, black italian dress shoes and his signature gold watch. He waltzed into the room and gave me a kiss on the crown of my head.
"you look wonderful princess. I wish you would wear something a bit brighter...but this will do" He smoothed the back of my head and i glared up at him. 
"I look great thank you. You're wearing to much of that rancid cologne mother gave you." i turned on my heels and out the door, leaving Andrew in the dust.

model - anastasia krivosheeva
relationship status - 
collection (optional) - http://www.polyvore.com/717_vh_lily_watts/collection?id=3229632
taken by - hopefully me:))

♢ questions for the tryout in character -
1. why are you here?
Thanks to my little brother Miles, the entire province of ontario knows im bulimic. Apparently, vomiting up everything that you eat is frowned upon in society. Everyone has to think im perfect, healthy, and "trying to get better"...so here i am.
2. who decided to send you to Virginia Hills?
Andrew and Veronica Watts, my lovely parents. As some of the most well known people in Canada, its not exactly good for business when your daughter has become "a poor example for young girls around the world."
3. are you happy to be here?
Not in the slightest. The second im happy here is the second i die a painful and drawn out death. This place is boring, its typical, and the girls are like the girls in the studio. They're here because they have no discipline and no structure. I just have stuck up parents.
4. what are your goals while you are in Virginia Hills?
To convince everyone that im a good influence in society and that my bulimia was "just a stage." I also need to learn how to; a. vomit silently and b. not get caught again. Those problems were what got me here in the first place.
5. what are your goals once you leave Virginia Hills?
To get back to the National Ballet School in Toronto and complete my studies. Then get the hell off this continent and join the Royal Ballet in London. Its all ive ever worked for and i deserve to have that expectation.

♢ out of character questions -
1. what are your plans with this character’s storyline?
While right now Lily seems very guarded and defensive, i hope to open her up to a little bit more vulnerable side as her storyline progresses. I also hope to have her let loose, meet someone who brings out a bit of the wild side thats stuck deep inside of her. Right now she's very stubborn in the fact that she thinks she knows everything, and that nothing is wrong with her. I hope to have her come to terms with the fact that her bulimia is a real problem.
2. why do you want to be in this roleplay?
i joined Polyvore over 4 years ago and have participated in multiple high fashion roleplays. They are great motivators and inspirations for sets. This roleplay is one of the best ive seen in the past few years and its the first that ive truly wanted to get involved with. It's a good plot line with endless possibilities to create a character in your own way.
3. would you be understanding if you were given a different character?
I would. This character ive really worked hard to build into an interesting person to interact with, that can be a catalyst for other things. However, i would be understand if another character was given to me. While Lily has been molded into a much more drastic version of myself, i can learn to love which ever character i receive.

Top Three:
{lily diana watts}
amelia audrey adams
jaida violet montgomery
alyson brooke colby

*side note: i do not condone bulimia, or any kind of eating disorder. In the essence of my character i have her joke around about it because she does not take it seriously. She doesnt believe she has a problem so that how i write her storyline. Dont want to offend anyone. :)
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