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A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. - Winston Churchill

name - lily diana watts
age - sixteen
hometown - toronto, ontario, canada
likes - cinnamon gum, russian history, shopping, navy, gold, discipline, classical music, architecture, ice hockey, ballet, novels, french literature, traveling, electronic cigarettes, empty rooms, snow, soy candles, stretching, 
dislikes - most people, beating around the bush, her brother, food, pink, chaos 
personality traits - sarcastic, witty, quiet, blunt, controlling
style - casual elegance. Very basic, neutral/muted colors.
bio - Lil had been training to be a ballerina for her entire life until her twin brother Miles found her puking up her late night snack after rehearsal. Her mother, a cosmetic chemist, and her father, a politician, feeling pressure from the community decided to send her to VH, the best boarding school they could find that was still on the same continent. Lily's specific training for entrance into the Royal Ballet in England has caused her to be extremely disciplined and controlling. Lily refuses to deal with bullshit and any person that brings bullshit into her personal bubble. She is very independent and would rather be alone than with others. She has no filter and does not make an effort to become friends with people, but if someone does get the opportunity to see past her flaws and befriend her, Lil will defend them until her dying breath. Lily's main goal is to convince everyone her "stupid eating disorder" is a thing of the past so she can get the hell out of this school and get back to the ballet.
reason for being at the school - bulimia

if anyone wants to be friends,included, mixed with some drama, whatever just comment and/or message me:)) im so excited about this and cant wait to start my first story:)

first story will hopefully be up tomorrow so if anyone wants to be included just let me know:)
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