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♥okay so this is a tip on how to decorate your BULLETIN BOARDDSS(: have fun w/ thiss (;

- you can add TONS of ribbons everywhere && it'll look so ahdorable.

- add pictures of you && your friends.
- add pictures of places you want to go
- add pictures of funny things
- add inspo pics like fall inspo or hair inspo
- go to a photo booth && have sillly faces. then pin that up on your board.

- cute short quotes like LOVE, DREAM BiG. are awesome && really easy. you can cut the words out from magazines too (:
- a quote from your idol. like the famous audrey hepburn quote "i believe in pink"
- in this set i added a paper w/ a ton of ways to get fit, if you don't want to add a pic of a fit girl you can add a paper that tells you how to get more fit. iDEA.. if you have seventeen magazines you know that they have a fitness section. well you can cut out those pages w/ the excersize & post it on your board. (:

- birthday cards
- notes from school
- love letters

- so some of you guys are in sports like cheer, soccer or volleyball. well if you won a medal or you have a lucky necklace you wear, pin it up on your board so you can be happy && accomplished.
- set a goal && write it all around your board. write w/ a cute sharpie && you don't write ON the corkboard , write around it on the FRAME.
- so like if you won a trophy, you can't really pin it on your board, but you can take a picture of yourself holding it && pin that on our board.

- so go on polyvore && open up a microsoft words. save some fillers && put it on microsoft words && print it later. cut it out && tape it all over your board!!

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