Please feel free to join in. The Bonus challenge list is in the description of the group.
Song: Like Whoa
Artist: Aly &Aj
Pairing: Stormy/Flora
Plot: They realize their love for each other. More so for Stormy who always hated 'faeries'

Life is good I can't complain
I mean I could but no one's listening
Your image overwhelms my brain
And it feels good, good, good

Now I'm rolling my window down
I love the wind but I hate the sound
You're like a tattoo that I can't remove
And it feels good, it feels good, it feels good

Like a rollercoaster ride
Holdin' on white knuckles like
whoa, whoa
Can't believe I'm like
whoa, whoa
Everytime I'm like
Up and down and side to side
Every inch of me is like
whoa, whoa
Got me feeling like
whoa, whoa
Everytime I'm like

In the morning it begins again
Feels like I'm falling better strap me in
I think I'm running out of oxygen
And it feels good, it feels good, it feels good


My inhibitions are beginning to let go
This situation
I can't help but lose control
No inner friction that I cannot seem to break
It feels good, it feels good
I'm holding on, I'm holdin' on

Like a roller coaster ride
Like I'm running a red light
Like a rocket ship is like
Something else that makes me feel like WHOA!

Like a roller coaster whoa
Holding on my knuckles whoa
Every inch of me is like
whoa, whoa
Got me feeling like
whoa, whoa

Femslash (girl/girl pairing)
If you do not like same gender pairings, do not look at this set. No flaming in the comments, I will not tolerate homophobia. if you don't like this set because of same gender pairings JUST IGNORE the set and leave me alone. I will not tolerate any harassment. Sorry for being hard, but I am tired of homophobia, and "WTF" or "Eww!" or "sick" comments. Leave nice comments.
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Wrote 6 years ago
Just blocked for saying:
Lilybeth Ramos wrote 4 minutes ago
ewwwwwwwwwww nasty
Reason, "Femslash (girl/girl pairing)
If you do not like same gender pairings, do not look at this set. No flaming in the comments, I will not tolerate homophobia. if you don't like this set because of same gender pairings JUST IGNORE the set and leave me alone. I will not tolerate any harassment. Sorry for being hard, but I am tired of homophobia, and "WTF" or "Eww!" or "sick" comments. Leave nice comments."

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
nice pairing

Wrote 6 years ago
miss WINX good show.



Music and Art

Music and Art

Enter any set that has to do with Music or Art

Winx Club

Winx Club

To the fans who love/like Winx Club, there is finally a group for you to join!! Here are collections by Gothic Phoenix you can use when making sets:
Please try to be nice, faves and comments are great to many and I know we all appreciate those! Also- NO Bullying, NO harassment, and stuff of this sort!
A new rule has been added- NON-WINX CLUB SETS WILL BE REJECTED! More measures may be taken if you as a member of the group continue. We are here for fun only! :)
Thanks and enjoy the group! ^_^

Amazing sets ^.^

Amazing sets ^.^

This group is all about your Ah-Mazing sets. Leave some sets, leave some comments, or message us if you need help.
Contests always open :)
Thanks for everything...our group is popular! ♥ Love you all, hunnys! :)

A Femslash Group

A Femslash Group

~Group Made by Gothic_Pheonix~
Welcome. Any pairings allowed as long as it is femslash. It can be from a fandom, or your own original story.
Femslash is basically any girl/girl pairings from any fandom( NOT anime), like for Twilight, Bellice (Bella and Alice) and from Harry potter Fleur (from the french school from the fourth book, with the Tri Wizard tournament) and Hermione. Or Hermione/Pansy of Ginny/Hermione. Any fandom you like, as long as they are girl pairings. Femslash also includes movies, tv shows and English/U.S made cartoons (NEVER anime. Anime girl pairings is called shoujo-ai and yuri; shoujo-ai is G-R rated, and Yuri is more adult).
Ex: Kim Possible; Kigo (Kim/Shego),
NCIS ; Abby/Ziva or Abby/Kate.
Fandom Examples: Twilight
Bellice (Bella and Alice)
Harry Potter:
Fleurmione (Fleur and Hermione)
1. Be kind
2. Don't copy sets
3 . Give me a PM if you change your username, so I can change it on the group info (when you start the challenge) and so I know that you're not just a random person
4. NO ANIME (unless they are Real Life models, and the only exception to this is Vocaloid, Kingdom Hearts and other anime like RPG's.) and no sets with only one actress (unless they are LGBTQ their character is one)
5. No slash sets. Go to our brother group below to submit those. It's called Paint a Rainbow.
6. No sets with guys in them unless, they are characters that are part of a femslash story series
7. No EXPLICIT content, please. Lets keep to the rules of Polyvore.
Sister group (accepts all femslash from ONLY Twilight and Harry Potter):
Brother Group (accepts slash sets)
~~~Gothic_Pheonix's Moderator Promise to the Members of the Group~~~~~~
We, the moderators, will uphold the promise that there will be the number amount of winners (as in members), and not winning sets, per contest as stated in the contest rules per contest. Unless there are not enough members that followed the contest rules, there will be the contest amount of winner AS IN MEMBERS. We will judge the contest based on creativity, and WILL NOT allow templates unless it is a template contest.

But, I reserve the right to REJECT sets that DO NOT pertain to the group (meaning that they aren't femslash in any way). I will warn members; in case some are confused about what the group is about; that has happened. But, if you are rude about it (meaning making hateful sets or remarks to me; such as cussing), I MAY decide to REJECT your MEMBERSHIP to the group as well. And it IS allowed, and I have warned you. It's never come to that every; most usually decide to leave when they finally understand what the group is about.
The Femslash Pairing Challenge: (made 7.6.10)
(updated to Example list October 31, 2010)
(updated Bonus Challenge info. April 22, 2011 as well as adding the Femslash Challenge info)
Updated Instructions for Bonus Challenge 4/23/11 no more:
(More will be added later; feel free to pm me pairings though. And once you are finished with this list make a collection of the sets for the challenge, but don't pm it to me yet until I update the list with requests (once we get some) I will keep everyone updated by announcements if other pairings have been added to the list. Also, when you make a challenge set don't forget to number and label it)
The Femslash Challenge:
The challenge is to make thirty+ sets of your favorite femslash pairings. They can be crossovers. And can be from any fandom (book, tv, movie,cartoon, comic or celeb.). Once you are finished with all sets, make a collection, and in the info put the list of the pairings you chose. You also must have a cover for the collection; it'll be the first set in the collection (can't be the pairing sets though, has to be separate. PM me if you are confused about that). Also, when you make a challenge set don't forget to number and label it with the pairing.
~~~Members that started the Femslash Challenge~~~
(finished cover and #1-4)
(finished cover and #1)
Finished Femslash Challenges:
Mini-Challenge :
Was originally different contests, that members liked, so I have it up so people could still do them. You can make up to 10 sets per challenge number, if you want. For specific instructions on each go to the contests.
1. Favorite TV Show Femslash Pairings
(started 2/19/12)
2. Favorite TV Show Femslash Crossover Pairings
3. Favorite Movie Femslash Pairings
4. Favorite Femslash Book/Movie/TV/Cartoon/Comic Crossover
5. Favorite Movie Crossover Femslash Pairings
6. Favorite Animated Movie Femslash Pairings
[Crossovers included]
7. Favorite Animation Crossover Pairings
8. Favorite Book Crossover Femslash Pairings
9. Favorite Comic Femslash Pairing
10. Favorite Cartoon Femslash Pairing
11. Favorite Video Game Femslash [technically Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games would be anime (meaning femslash pairings would be shoujo-ai) but I'll allow them]
12. Your Favorite Femslash Pairing in the Shoes of Your Favorite Fairy-Tale [It's like the Dream Cast sets, except instead of actors you have the fictional characters (your favorite femslash pairing) they played and cast those characters as a fairy-tale couple.]
13. In the Shoes of Your Favorite Femslash Pairing
[This is another Dream Cast challenge. You cast new actors as your favorite femslash pairing. For example, if you chose to Dream Cast Brittana, you would choose someone else to play Santana and Brittany (which I know is hard but it is possible), so lets say you have Janina Gavanker as Santana and Dianna Agron as Brittany. They MUST be together in the set for your dream cast, meaning make sure both of the dream casts' pictures are in the set. So NO original cast, meaning the original people that played your favorite characters in your favorite femslash pairing.]
~~~Members that started the Mini challenge~~~

Completed Challenges:
Bonus Challenge: (optional)
*****The Bonus Challenge instructions are the same as the Femslash Challenge, except with The Bonus Challenge you have a list to do. Below I have also provided collections of items that could be helpful for the Bonus Challenge because you may not know some of the characters. But, just because you don't know the show doesn't mean you can't make sets of it because all you have to do is find the characters' pictures******
Here are the collections:
Here is the bonus challenge list (this challenge is optional, though we may do them for contests):
1. Xena/Gabrielle- Xena Warrior Princess
2. Jenny/Marina- The L Word
3. Mirandy (Miranda/Andy)- The Devil Wears Prada
4. Miranda/Jacqueline- The Devil Wears Prada
5. Ginny/Luna- Harry Potter
6. Pansy/Ginny- Harry Potter
7. Pansy/Astoria- Harry Potter
8. Fleur/Pansy-Harry Potter
9. Alice/Emily- Twilight Saga
10. Leah/Rosalie- Twilight Saga
11. Susan/Jadis- Narnia
12. Aphrodite/Gabrielle- Xena Warrior Princess
13. Kigo (Kim/Shego)- Kim Possible
14. Sun/Hayley (adult/grown up/same age as each other)- American Dragon
15. Bloom/Flora- Winx Club
16. Flora/Mirta- Winx Club
17. Icy/Bloom- Winx Club
18. Darcy/Storm- Winx Club
19. Storm/Flora- Winx Club
20. Storm/Musa- Winx Club
21. Darcy/Flora- Winx Club
22. Darcy/Musa- Winx Club
23. Naomi/Emily-Skins
*requested by: Strawberry.Fields.Forever*
24. Storm/Kitty- X-Men
25. Jean/Emma- X-Men
26. Jean/Storm- X-Men
27. Rogue/Emma- X-Men Evolution
28. Rogue/Storm- X-Men
29. Alice/Duchess- Alice Syfy mini-series
30. Amy Lee/Angelina Jolie- Celebrity
31. Yulia/Lena (t.A.T.u)- Band
32. Shane/Marina- The L word
33. Rachel/Ivy - Rachel Morgan series (book)
34. Alice/Mirana the White Queen- Alice in Wonderland (2010)
35. Ceri/Ivy or Ceri/Rachel- Rachel Morgan series (book)
36. Skimmer/Rachel or Skimmer/Ivy- Rachel Morgan series (book)
37. Olivia/Alex- Law and Order: SVU
38. Abby/Ziva- NCIS
39. Kate/Ziva- NCIS
40. Kate/Abby- NCIS
41. Kate/Abby/Ziva- NCIS
42. Carly/Shelby- iCarly
43. Carly/Sam- iCarly
44. Melika/Carly or Melika/Sam-iCarly
(from the episode where Sam asks Gibby to prom and finds he has a girlfriend)
45. Rizzo/Sandy- Grease
46. Ayane/Kasumi- Dead or Alive (game)
47. Chritie/Helena- Dead or Alive (game)
48. Hayley Williams/OC- Paramore (band)
49. Anette Olzon/OC- Nightwish (band)
50. Penelope Garcia/Emily Prentis- Criminal Minds
51. JJ/Emily Prentis- Criminal Minds
52. JJ/Penelope Garcia- Criminal Minds
53. Rachel/Quinn(FABERRY)- Glee
54. Brennan/Soroyan- Bones
55. Holly J/Anya- Degrassi
56. Quinn/Brittany- Glee
57. Brennan/Angela- Bones
58. Anya/Claire- Degrassi
59. Brittany/Rachel- Glee
60. Angela/Soroyan- Bones
61. Claire/Holly J- Degrassi
62. Su/Mrs. Pilsbury- Glee *requested by: StylishEvil*
63. Jane/Claire- Degrassi
64. Brittany/Santana (BRITTANA)- Glee
65. Jane/Holly J- Degrassi
66. Jane/Anya- Degrassi
67. Emma/Manny- Degrassi
68. Paige/Emma- Degrassi
69. Paige/Alex- Degrassi
70. Alex/Emma- Degrassi
71. Agent K/ OC (Original Character)- The Replacements
72. Fran/Sydney Mercer (from episode: Oy Vey, You're Gay)- The Nanny
73. Annabelle/Kelly- St. Trinian's
74. Celia/Anoushka- St. Trinian's
75. Andrea/Taylor- St. Trinian's
76. Alex/Juliet- Wizards of Waverly Place
77. Stevie/Alex- Wizards of Waverly Place
78. Sonny/Tawni- Sonny with a Chance
79. Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato (Semi)- Celebrity
80. Courtney/Wendy- Glenn Martin D.D.S
81. Carmen/Kenzie (played by Hillary Duff)- George Lopez
82. London/Maddie- The Suite Life of Zach and Cody
83. Corrie (played by Vanessa Hudgens)/London- The Suite life of Zach and Cody
84. Andrea/Chelsea- St. Trinian's
85. Christina Aguilera/Gwenstafani- Celebrity
86. Isobel/Marina- The L Word/Vampire Diaries Crossover pairing (for obvious reasons if anyone watches the L Word show)
87. Roxie/Velma- Chicago
88. Velma/Kelly Jones- St Trinian's/Chicago Crossover
89. Favorite Crossover Pairing
90. Favorite Cartoon Femslash Pairing
91. Favorite Movie Femslash Pairing
92. Favorite T.V Femslash Pairing
93. Favorite Celeb Femslash Pairing
94. Tori/Jade- Victorious
95. Tori/Shelby- iCarly/Victorious Crossover
96. Lola/Shelby/Tori- Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious Crossover
97. Zoey/Lola- Zoey 101
98. Cat/Tori- Victorious
99. Cat/Jade- Victorious
100. Kaatara/Toph- Avatar: the last Airbender
101. Jun/Kaatara- Avatar: the last Airbender
102. Mai/Kaatara- Avatar: the last Airbender
103. Azula/ Kaatara- Avatar: the last Airbender
104. Hattie/Ella- Ella Enchanted
105. Chloe/Lana (Chlana)- Smallville *requested by: Strawberry.Fields.Forever*
106. Effy/Katie- Skins *requested by Strawberry.Fields.Forever*
107. Original pairing (your own characters, plus their bio's) or Your least favorite, or 2nd least favorite cartoon femslash pairing.
108. Elena/Bonnie [vampire diaries]
109. Elena/Caroline [vampire diaries]
110. Dakota Fanning/ Kristen Stewart
111. Joan Jett/Cherie Currie [The Runaways - band or film version]
112. Any two of the female characters from 90210
~~~Members that started the Bonus challenge~~~
(finished #22)
My Collection:
(finished #2)
{▲ ℓost in Իℯaℓitყ ▲}
(finished #1)
||Wild Young Thing [a.k.a ||Cigarettes&SugarRushes ]
(finished #106 and #112)
(finished cover)
acciopenguins [aka. Δ{.wнɛɴ pɛngυɪɴs ɑttɑcƙ.}Δ ]
(finished cover)
(finished cover)
Cullengirl1 *taking requests*
(finished cover)

Members that Started the Femslash Challenge:
Cullengirl1 *taking requests*
(finished cover)
(finished cover)
Δ{.wнɛɴ pɛngυɪɴs ɑttɑcƙ.}Δ
(finished cover)
(finished cover)
Completed Challenges:

~~Romantic Relationships on Polyvore~~~
These two, Bria and Ayley met through an 8-part roleplay. And like Caitlinda, they have the same polyfriends. Hmm, a lot of people on here seem to meet through RP's. Cool! :) Congratulations two these two, for finding love here. They have been together for two months now.
Example of their love:

______Links for members_____
Livejournal groups:
Bellice (Alice/Bella):
Femslash (all fandoms):
Bubbleine (Bubbline) from Adventure Times [Marceline/Princess Bubblegum]
Harry Potter femslash:
The Devil Wears Prada:
Twilight femslash:
Whip it! Femslash:
Facebook Group (created by me)
Femslash Group Set collections:
~~Femslash video playlists~~
Adventure Time Femslash:
Blade TV Series Femslash:
Buffy TVS Femslash:
CATS Femslash:
DWP (Devil Wears Prada):
Disney/Non-Disney Femslash Crossovers:
Femslash (all) Crossovers:
Femslash (all) fanfiction
Femslash(all fandoms):
Femslash Fanfic Trailers:
Girl Interrupted (Staring Angelina Jolie and Wionna Ryder):
Glee femslash:
Harry Potter Femslash:
Harry Potter Femslash Crossover:
Jennifer’s Body:
Karina Lombard (Marina from The L Word):
Kim Possible (Kigo):
The L Word (17 and up):
Legend of the Seeker Femslash:
LOTS Crossover Femslash:
Once Upon a Time Femslash:
Pretty Little Liars Femslash:
The Runaways:
The Secret Circle Femslash :
True Blood Femslash:
Twilight Femslash:
Twilight Femslash Crossovers:
Twilight Femslash Fanfic Trailers:
Twilight Fanfiction:
Victorious Femslash:
Warehouse 13 Femslash:
Whip it! Femslash


ANYTHING - You Vote.

ANYTHING - You Vote.

8,428 sets from 170 members. Ended 5 years ago.
Enter as much as you want in ONE Week, there will be 12 winners, YOU VOTE !! xx

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