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im thinking of doing a back to school series :D

back to school outfit ideas:

♥outfit one.
a cute button-up top w/ dark wash jeans and white converse! super cute and comfy. for an even more casual look, wear a tank top under the button-up and keep the shirt unbuttoned :D or you can button it up all the way and tuck it into the jeans.
*straight hair, maybe a headband or bangs braided and pinned to the back :D

♥outfit two.
nautical-inspired striped top w/ colorful shorts! i think striped tops like the one in the set look good with any color shorts, whether it's regular blue denim, black, red, pink, or teal :)
and pair this outfit with some simple sandals for a summery look, if you're not ready to leave summer just yet ;)
*hair in a messy braid, waterfall braid, or loose beachy waves

♥outfit three.
black crop top, skinny jeans, black vans. cute and comfy. i'm probably gonna wear an outfit similar to this during my first week of school haha
it's not as dressy, but it's still cute!
add some color to this outfit with fun, colorful bracelets or a necklace! 
*messy ponytail, messy bun, or just straightened with bangs pinned back :)

♥outfit four.
white tanktop, lightweight scarf, denim shorts, and sandals!
i'd wear this if the weather is warm, which it is for the most part. where i live, it doesnt really get cold during the first month or so of school so i can still get away with tank tops and shorts
the scarf adds a nice pop of color :)
(i really wanted that scarf, but i went to h&m and they didnt freakin have ittttttttttttt i got mad LOL now its not even in stock anymore.. poo.)
*hair lightly curled and half-up/half-down for a flirty, girly look!

yayyyyy hope you liked it and found it helpful heheh

btw sorry i haven't made a set in like 18 days omg im such a failure
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