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NCT U - The 7th Sense 

"We’ll take it slow
Baby baby We’ll take it slow oh
In the same dream
I hear a familiar song that calls to me
It connects us"

Calantha "Callie" Durant | 6th | Delasmit 

I know Callie is rather difficult character, and it's something new for me to write. So I understand if you don't like her or if our characters don't get along. 

A few things to know:
- She is cold and distant from others for reasons, but she does long to be free. She wants to enjoy her life, not always having to look over her shoulder.
- All of her family heirlooms are her mother's side, so they are not your typical magical items. 
- Love and making friends does not come easy to her, but once you're apart of her life she will fight for those she loves. 
- Though shy may not start fights or stop them, she will stand up for heself and others. 
- She really loves challenges, maybe to much at times. 
- A die hard romantic, but you won't catch her saying anything about it. 
- Enjoys sneaking off - anywhere really. It's the only time she can take a deep breathe and enjoy herself.
- Her family life sucks, she only has her cousin Auorora to talk about it. 

Comment for any relationships or plots you may have. I will be glad in making my character connected to all of yours in anyway. 


Need friends, enemies, frenenmies, roommate, or whatever you can thing off.

-Callie needs close friends that can see past her wall. 
- Shared  loved interest?
- Someone she competes with?
- Someone who were once enemies now become friends?
- Anything. lol

Sorry, if I commented on your set with no real plot or idea. I just don't know what to put down, I have to really think how Callie would respond to the person. She's so close off. -__- 

Sorry, if missed some people too! The one day I don't get on I get soo many tags. Let me know in the comments if I missed you, if you want me to comment on yours. 

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