this was supposed to be for round four of botkcw.
i asked for an extension, but the eliminations were already made since two people didn't enter, but i figured i would make the set anyways. :) i didn't really know if i was still supposed to or not. so yeah.

the topic was running away.

i think that one should never run away from their problems. there's lots of different kinds of running away. there's literally running away, packing your bags and heading out. then there's the running away where you can't take it any longer so you end your life. then there's the running away where you feel pain, but you can't face your problems, so you self-injure. there's other kinds too, but these are the pretty common ones i believe. i wish people would know that it always gets better. no matter how life sucks right now, in the long run it'll be great. other people aren't as privileged as we are and i think we should make the best of our situations and stop running away.
i hope i don't get hate about this.
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