Ellen (Hilart) imported this beautiful photo.
 Is this your cat Ellen?

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Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
Oh, I'm glad I finally got to this - No, she is not mine, and now I'm not sure where I found her/his? image from, but she is a rare beauty, isn't she! She has a sweet, kind of sad look on her face.

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
Trop mignon ...



Cats and you

Cats and you

This group is for cat lovers. Any set is welcome, interior, fashion, funny, vintage, landscape, portrait, etc AS FAR AS THERE IS a "visible" cat into it :)
Please make sure there's NO FUR (real, faux or printed) item in your set. The only fur allowed in this group must be alive.
Non observance of these simple rules will lead to the rejection of the set and the member will be removed, with no notice.
Thank you, and have fun!
|==About contests==- http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=29300177

Cat Fantasy ( Cats Kittens Kitty Kitten Kitties Art - Challenge Contest )

Cat Fantasy ( Cats Kittens Kitty Kitten Kitties Art - Challenge Contest )

MEOW! Reservoir Cats is now Cat Fantasy! The old name was clever but didn't really help to define the group's purpose. We have CAT CHALLENGES & CONTESTS! Lets see sets that use wild &/or pet cats in creative ways! Let's celebrate cats!
*** 25 Cat Challenge - 50 Cat Challenge - 100 Cat Challenge ***
Ever want to make a set but just can't think of an idea? Cat lovers, your answer is here! The Cat Set challenge. Get creative with these ideas, use your imagination, have fun!! There will be 3 levels to complete & each level will get greater rewards!

*** 25 Set Cat Challenge ***
Post a set for each of the following themes. They do not have to be in order but just put in the name or notes which set # you are making. Place them all in a collection called Cat Fantasy Challenge. Let me know when you have completed the challenge!
1) Kittens!
2) Siamese
3) Persian
4) Black and White
5) Abbysinian
6) Tigers!
7) Celebrity Cats (any celebrity and any cat in a set)
8) Calico Cats
9) Cats & Dogs
10) Spotted Cats
11) Pastel
12) Scotish Fold
13) Russian Blue
14) Lions
15) Country Cats
16) Tabby cats
17) House cats (any room set with a cat or cats)
18) Cartoon Cats
19) Himalayans
20) Cats in Paris
21) Inspired by a Song (include music and a cat or cats)
22) Fashion Cats (a fashion set including one or more cats)
23) Island Cats
24) Vintage Cats (make any antique, vintage, or retro set including a cat/cats)
25) I Love Cats! (anything you like, just show the love!)

Art Flows

Art Flows

This group is for all those art lovers who love to keep those creative juices flowing. Sorry guys but NO clothes sets. In this group your free to be as creative as your own imagination allows. Remember to BE ORIGINAL and let those artistic juices flow.

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