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I have a feeling this year's gonna be... well.. interesting :D

Yeah so 2013 wasn't so great for me, so I'm hoping for a good year now D:

How was yours New Years Eve? We got a saying in Polish which is (in direct translation) : how was you NYE that's how the year will be. "jaki sylwester taki nowy rok". so according to this, mine 2014 should be awesome :p

I've seen The Nutcracker yesterday and it was so beautiful, I regret not learning ballet back when I was little :p

Christmas break is almost over, going to ijodwiosaois school on tuesday ://///
waiting for winter break which comes in middle february this year (so longggg :/)

talk to you soon :) <3

@hijabikebabi @diegolohve @de-si-ree @lenasupernatural @bestdressx @rainie-minnie @airplane this set is for you guys <3
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