I was tagged by @hannarrhh with this gorgeous settie
I used the blue butterflies ;) 

My song is When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus
i was watching the last song the other day, or the last part of it and i heard this song and i wanted to cry i love it ♥ but what's happened to miley?! 

1) pick a song.
2) make a line from that song be the title of your set.
3) In that set, use one item from this set. 
4) tag 10 more people and tell them to do the same.
5) ask a random question! (and answer mine too)
The question was what's your favorite movie?
OH GOODNESS umm i'd have to say The Women in Black. i love scary movies. but i honestly don't have a /favorite/ movie 

My random question is: Romantic comedies or thrillers? ;) 

Now I'll tag: @sydneygirl @dancefreak13 @tell-me-more @laughlivefashion @sandrayara @bullygrrl @susanvance-25 @leannesugarplum

(O6.O9.12 - 1OO+ ♥)
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