sorry for the craptastic set, btw.
yesterday was my very first public forum debate tournament. i hope i did well, cause i was super nervous. i basically wore a more fomal button down from ralph lauren, and a medium length pencil skirt, that was custom made for me, then the same blazer in the set was worn.

i got to get off of school a bit early, than on the bus to like the 45 minute drive there, which was super nerve racking, because we weren't super prepared, which was super scary.

at the high school, where the event took place, some random girl from the school (not in debate), walked up to someone from our team and said 'why the f--- are you here?" before pushing their way through us to walk away.. uh. rude much?

anyway, we started debating and lol it was pretty interesting, i was super nervous, and probably messed up like a billion times and lost everything (results aren't out yet), but i guess it was a learning experience. haha....the first group we debated was two guys, one was actually decently cute. ( guys in formal wear= makes most cute guys a bit cuter. hehe. ) and well, we pretty much got screwed over in that debate. one of their main contentions (points.) were that isreal was not in the middle east. like..seriously? but we didn't have anything to prove otherwise so yeah. (sorry for the nerdy talk.) but at the end, we shook hands, and i think my friend was a bit pissed at them, because like she kinda crushed his hand or something, cause he exclaimed the 'motherf---' word. lol. i found that kind of funny. than we went against two girls, and nothing really happened, then we somehow ended up going against a guy i knew pretty well, and we were the least formal in this one (thank gosh the judge was really chill) and at the end, i suprised everyone by hugging the guy, after the handshake and well, i found it pretty interesting that we were like smirking and had to explain outside briefly that we knew each other. the other guy in that match decided to have a hand-crushing thing with me, and i basically gave up, cause wearing 3-in heels while someone crushing your fingers was not good. so like my friend, also partner decide to challenge him, and they ended up holding hands for like 10 minutes. that was really funny. we ended up messing around (no, not that, nasty readerss.), for like the rest of the night between matches. the last group we went against were two boys again, and this time, they were like juniors...so that was kind of scary, but like in my speech, i shocked them...according to my friend. i guess they weren't prepared on my rebut (comeback) on that one, lol. 

when we ended, it was such a relief, but i was stressing over the points, and still messing around with the guys from match three. lol. this was at like 10:30 at night, so many people were super tired, and i was just the super hyper bunny. lolol. 

yeah, so that's my rambling, but omg. that place is filled with guys in suits/formal wear. so. ahh. too bad i didn't have time to flirt much, other than right before the debate rounds, when we waited for the judge. i don't know if it is a good method, but i guess it works, because well....right before a debate, it is customary to exchange names/shake hands/get to know each other, so we did so. i decided to go super 'valley girl' i think it was called... i used that to my advantage...i did the whole 'omgg! heeyy, are you the peoplee in like...uh....C2424? (room number where match is held. changes every round.) Really?! Omgg! ME TOO. *giggles* So, like my name is Gina, *shakes hand*, what's youurss? *flips hair' thing. then when i like walked in, i got serious and like actually did what was expected. it may have surprised some of them a bit, but then again, they just might've went easy on us because we were girls...

anyway, still waiting on results. i think i have a bit more time on my hands now...so yep!

thanks for reading! i doubt anyone really would.
hehe. rhymess.
kbaii now.
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