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(I used the picture of the girl at the top left corner) 

Designer Yoda's Couture Showing Gone Amuck 
1. Pick one of the other 6 dresses in this set.
2. Use this background in your set. (not part of tag info, just letting you know, the one behind the girl in the left hand corner)
3. Add accessories to your dress.
4. Add 6 more dresses. (You DON'T have to create a doll set)
5. Answer the questions below.
6. Add your own question.
7. Tag me and at least three other people.
1. Do you like dressing up? 
 --Yes it's so much fun to do, I love dressing up in big poofy dresses c3 ) 
2. Do you like painting your nails? 
--omg YES i have almost 40 bottles of nail polish, i really don't have a favorite brand i just love them all. i do them at least one a week or once every other week, i get bored and my nail polish chips easily because i'm not patient or the i'm doing something which causes them to chip :/ lol 
3. If you answered yes above, what color do you like painting your nails the most? 
----I do something different all the time i honestly don't know 
4.What is your favorite type of music/song? 
--R&B/hip hop, pop. drake is my favv♥ 

5. What is the place you would like to visit most that you have never been? 
6. What is your favorite type of food/restaurant? 
---applebee's orchard grill, subway, panera bread, mcdonalds, taco bell, olga's 
7.What is your favorite book(s)? 
 --The Golden Prince -- so beautiful!♥
8. Is Polyvore your favorite website or is another your favorite? 
 --only polyvore that's all i really go on. that and facebook but facebook is kinda boring and it's not my fav
9. What type of sets do you like making most?
 ---strictly fashion with lots of flowers♥
10. How many pages of items do you have saved? 
 --83, i just looked lol 
11. If you won the lotto whats the first thing you would buy? 
--i would give my family and church some money, i would save enough for college so i will be set for however long i will be in college, a car, and CLOTHES♥
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
 --A fashion merchandiser and/or stylist♥

13. Coke or pepsi? ;) 

@ophfifi @emily-will-be-chasing-pavements @lovisarx @graciemelody @klaudija7 

(if you're not into tagging thing, sorry! i just wanted to pick people i didn't think i've tagged before because i don't want to tag the same people over and over again! ;) )
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