Here's the 51 things about myself as promised!

51. I have an instagram account: (some of the pictures from my instagram are on the set. description on bottom of the pics.)
50. I didn't expect that many people to like that set.
49. I have been on polyvore since the middle of 7th grade. 
48. As of now, I am a freshman.
47. I live in Los Angeles, California.
46. As of now, I am 14 years old.
45. I use Lost in Fantasy perfume from Victoria's Secret.
44. I like Victoria's Secret Lipgloss. (Sugar rush?)
43. I like cupcakes. Especially ones from Frosted, a five star cupcakery in Long Beach, California.
42. My best polyfriends are @elaine-elizabethxo, @kristen-gregorytpc, @blakeyboo, @affectionforonedirection and a lot more.
41. I am in choir. I have been for at least 6 years.
40. I get annoyed when people sing off of pitch, or consider themselves good singers. 
39. On the internet, especially Polyvore, I try to be as nice as I can, with the 'if there's nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.' rule.
38. I'm on the debate team at school, and it probably is obvious from how I act/react to things, especially in real life.
37. I am very loyal to my friends, and my enemies.
36. I don't forgive, but I do forget. The best you can hope for is the latter.
35. I am very good with revenge, don't mess with me OR my friends.
34. Hm...this list is getting darker and darker. Haha. I like the rain.
33. I have a very dark sense of humor.
32. I prefer heels over flats, because for some reason, I hate wearing flat shoes.
31. Glee is awesome, but I haven't caught up. Same with Jane by Design, and CSI: NY.
30. I am the Vice President of a teen program at my local library.
29. I have more male friends then female, and I guess that's because I'm more tomboy at school.
28. I can be very competitive.
27. If you don't know what a simple defragment is, you don't know about technology. 
26. I like reading chick lit...and spy novels. (The Clique and James Bond, anybody?)
25. I can't believe that I have 9,100 set likes total, as of today. 
24. Dubstep just got a LOT more popular. I liked it before it was hyped. 
23. Though Cinema is a good song, Skrillex is still pop. Mainstream pop.
22. Don't say you like Dubstep unless you can list 5 artists. NOT including Deadmau45 and Skrillex.
21. I don't consider myself picky, but some people say I am. 
20. I am a perfectionist at times, a total mess at others. Depends on my mood.
19. Beats are overrated. Use them as cute neckwarmers, but if you really want good earphones, go for Audio Technica, Ultrasone, Sennheiser, AKG or Hifiman. I don't care. Just not Beats. Those are overpriced and have horrible quality. Bose or JBL are fine too.
18. I don't like people who talk in memes all the time. Seriously. Go back to the internet or whatever.
17. Wow...this turned out so negative. Haha. I like it when people spell things right, and talk like an educated person online. It doesn't mean you need to have perfect grammar, but close enough would be fine.
16. There, Their, They're. Your. You're. Get those right.
15. I don't kill with kindness. I kill with sarcasm and lethal hits of logic.
14. My favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes mixed with Honey Nut Crunch.
13. Now that I think about it...i don't really like cupcakes that aren't gourmet.
12. I sound really spoiled in the previous sentence. Whatever. I don't consider myself so.
11. I'm the only child, living with my mom and dad.
10. My mom works in the fashion business, and my dad in the medical side. ( Not a doctor. He makes medicine type things. )
9. I weigh 90 pounds. I'm 5 ft, 3.5 in.
8. It p.isses me off when people call me anorexic. I'm not.
7. I don't understand how people can type LiKE THiS ALL DAY ON POLYVORE♥ ( Applauds them. )
6. I don't care what people think of me, nor do I care to what I look like.
5. I don't have a religion. Call me an Athiest. Or Pastafarianist. That seems like a cool religion. Haha.
4. I don't believe in love. Sorry guys.
3. If I grow a bit more, sample sizes would fit perfectly on me.
2. I love Ralph Lauren. And Jcrew. And shopping at REI. The things from those places last forever. I prefer quality clothes over a large quantity of clothes. 
1. Style over fashion. I like styles of clothing that can last decades. Polos, dark jeans, plain Tshirts. Love those. 

And thaat's 51. Hope you enjoyed it. c:
If you want to know more about me, I think it's time to ask. Haha.

Description as promised.
Top left pic. That's me. In a sample sized dress. It was a navy blue polka dotted mullet dress.
Top Middle(>) The one with the clothes. That was my sweaters and tops for San Fransisco. It consisted of JCrew and a few other brands that I don't remember. Basically my soft and warm stuff. haha.
Bottom right: That was a picture I took of Disneyland the night my choir sang there. It was the holiday view of Small World. Pretty, isn't it?

PS. Comment a greeting if you read all of the writing here.
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