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1. Any phobias, if so what? Hmm, probably death. Falling in front of everyone. Practically embarrassing myself. That's not really a phobia! I know I've got a really bad phobia of insects, any type accept greenfly. Don't ask why!

2. Favourite polyvore? I know this is going to sound alot like one of those cheesy generic answets but seriously. I don't have one. I seem to just click the like button all the time when I'm on the home page! And this would be a great time to say that when I first joined, I was able to follow back everyone but I've been really slacking! So if you want me to follow you back just message me! I love looking a people's sets!

3. Favourite brand? Well brand I can afford-probably H&M (that's not really a brand, is it?) and probably Cheap Monday, too. Brands that are waayy out of my price range? Where to start?? Acne, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Christopher Kane...

4. 3 things you would take with you to a desert island? (Apart from the essential food/water) My iPod, a kingsize bed (complete with duvet and all) and some sort of wifi (if that's possible!)

5. Favourite song right now? Definitely, Kendrick Lamar-m.A.A.d city

6. Favourite book? The Outsiders and also the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I know this sounds strange, but I'm sure that was the first book to make me cry! Weird, I know...

7. Who/what inspires you? Hard question, I'm the most unambitious person I know but I guess I can say looking at really good Polyvore sets inspires me, right? Haha, my Mum, too definitely.

8. A short (or long c:) description of the person you like/ used to like? Didnt. Know. I. Existed. End of story. Haha. I couldn't describe.

9. Favourite quote? I remember I was eating at Nando's and saw this on the wall: 'Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive!' Stuck with me ever since! I also this quote which stuck with me ever since I re-read the Philosopher's Stone years ago (I might be misquoting) 'It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live' If I remember correctly, it was when Harry was looking in the mirror of Erised when Dumbledore was secretly in the room. Very poignant too me!

10. Something interesting you've learnt today? The guys who sits next to me in my Chem class actually told me that superglue is made from horses. We didn't believe him but out teacher said it was true-from Horse gelatine! Learn something new everyday kids! haha

11. How did you like these questions haha? Loved them!

Realised I wrote alot, damn, there's probably loads of spelling mistakes, oh well, anyways my turn!!

1. How was your day or how is going/been so far?
2. Have you done/learn't something new today?
3. What's your favourite curse word?
4. What's your favourite place to shop at?
5. What's the worst place to shop at?
6. What's your most embarrasing moment?
7. What's your proudest moment?
8. Where do you picture yourself 10 years from now?
10. Did you realise there is no question 9? If not, ha!
11. Favourite celebrity and why?
12. Least favourit celebrity and why?

Sorry these are bad questions but they were the best i could think of! I tag:

Looking forward to see what you guys write! x
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