☼ date ; 6/29/16
☼ set number ; ninety-nine 
☼ set type ; simple 
☼ tags ; #polyvore #polyvoreeditorial #simpleset #fashionset #polyvorefashion #simplefashion #hiatus #topset #topfashionset 
☼ lyric creds ; n/a
☼ @polyvore / @polyvore-editorial 
☼ my group ; http://polyv.re/1MxyqjI 
☼ random shoutout ; @moonlightxbby

—————————— ☼ ——————————

edit 6.30.16 : omg how ironic that the set about taking a break gets top set?? but thank you SO much polyvore! ♡

(do I like this set? do I hate it? is it weird? idk. oh well.)

hey guys! 

ok so I'm guessing you're reading this because the title said to so thank you :) 

first of all, NO I'm NOT leaving forever or anything. I'm just taking a break for the month of july so I can enjoy my summer and try to finish ninth grade and all that jazz. I didn't mention anything about this in a previous set because I kinda decided on it last night. 😁 anyway, here's all the details and things you might want to know about and stuff : 

-be checking my activity & messages (not regularly, probably just once a week or so) 
-try to have one or two people guest post 
-be monitoring my group and probably making another contest 

-be posting any new sets 
-be liking any sets or items 
-be checking posts I've been tagged in
-be updating my collections or organizing items 
-be posting on @the-island-girls 

-make a new taglist 
-start posting again here and on @the-island-girls 
-possibly make a side account for tags, etc. 
-tweak my account and redo a little bit of stuff
-do a scavenger hunt or giveaway for 5k (comment which one you'd rather!) 

well, I think that's about it. if you have a question or anything, comment or message me. :) I'll be temporarily deleting the app on my phone and turning the notifications off on my ipad so poly won't be so much of a distraction. I'm not truly leaving until july 1, but I won't be posting again until I come back on august 1. 

thanks for reading! ilyasm, ty for understanding that I need a break, and it's nothing personal to anyone, and no one has made me mad or anything, I just need a little time to relax and not worry about "oh no! it's been like 9 days since I posted! ahhh" and all that. ♡♡♡♡

stay weird. stay you.
xo, Kathryn
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