"There is dream in my eyes, of someone."
~Teri Ore, Singh Is Kinng
(I WAS SO SURPRISED TO FIND THIS SONG ON POLY! I couldn't decide between this one and another Hindi one and they were BOTH ON HERE. Which is crazy! But I went with this one, it's so lovely. Anyway, I kind of like the way the title looks with the quotations. Maybe I'll go back to doing that. Nostalgiaaaa!)


UM. This layout obviously belongs to @istylista! Yep. I love your layout, Ella. It's too cool. #jealousy

FREIDA IS TOO PRETTY. I loved this Glamour shoot of her. AND SHE'S DATING DEV. Who is my life. So. Perfect. Slumdog Millionaire is pretty much the best movie ever.

I tried to create a salwar kameez here (if you know what that is, can you tell me what you think of it?)

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