Tragedy (Synder) snarled as she stalked through the alleys of her territory. Her abnormal Gold/Hazel eyes ablaze with anger as she recalled the days events in her overactive mind. How she had been humiliated by none other then Code at the Fights, or how she was ripped off by a few of her Dealers. Either way, she was not a very pleasant person at the moment and nor did she feel the need to be pleasant towards anyone who happened to cross her. With a swing of her arm, she smashed a bottle to the alley floor and watched it shatter into a million pieces right before her eyes, a few shards of glass hit her knee, slicing the skin lightly but harshly. She winced abit, and looked down at her bleeding knees, before shaking her head in annoyance and sighing softly.

Code (Grant) shook his head some, leaning against the enterance of the alley and watching Tragedy have her normal hissy fit. She was a sixteen year old girl going on ten at the moment, once she was done with her little show, he pushed off the wall and walked over, "You realize how immature you are being?" he said simply, shoving his hands into his pockets and hunching his shoulders lightly as he looked down at his leader. Somedays he felt embarrased to call her a leader, but others he was to intimidated to say so. Her piercing hazel/gold eyes met his and he flinched abit at the harshness in them, Code wasnt your typical Fallen, he wasnt cold hearted and cruel like alot of the members, but he could be if he really was angry enough. Unlike Tragedy, he was a likable person until you angered him, she was a whole different story. He had heard rumors about her past, about how she had retrieved her name and became the leader of the gang, but no one dared to ask her the truth on these rumors, everyone was to afraid of what the answer would be. Shaking his head, Code nudged her softly, "Common, kid, lets head back." he mummbled, starting to walk towards the Fallens Hideout.
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