Tumblr is pretty much the best website ever. If you don't know what it is, or have never made an account, or if you've made an account and couldn't figure it out, here's a quick explanation of what Tumblr is:

Basically, when you sign up for Tumblr you create a blog, and you can post videos, pictures, text, sound files, and reblog things from other people. There are tons of types or blogs you can choose from making, and some popular types are hipster, grunge, humor, fandom, photography, etc. You follow other blogs and they can follow you back, so when you log on you can see and reblog their posts easily from your dashboard, which is where you are when you log in.

Here are some tips from my experience of having a blog:

~You don't necessarily have to have a predetermined theme in mind for your blog, but after a while you should try to stick to a constant theme of things you post. Some popular themes that people have are hipster, boho, summer, funny, grunge, black and white, photography, and fandom. (If you don't know what fandom is, just ask me)

~Speaking of themes, you blog theme is important. Some good themes to use are:
-http://thewicked-eternitythemes.tumblr.com/ (this is where my theme comes from)
Above all, make sure your theme is simple, easy to navigate, and corresponds to your blog theme. If your blog is mainly pictures, use a theme that doesn't show text and shows pictures in kind of a grid pattern. If you post text, captions, etc. then a single column theme is best.
Also, make sure your color scheme isn't blinding. It's just a background for your awesome posts.

~Follow blogs you like. Follow blogs they reblog from that you like. Follow blogs that you like who follow you or reblog your stuff. Try to keep your following count up so your dashboard won't be dead.

~On anonymous messages- if you get anon hate, brush it of. Reply with a sarcastic comment or a funny gif and don't let it hurt you. After all, they're just a loser sitting behind a computer screen who's not brave enough to insult you to your face. On the other hand, never send anon hate. It's just rude.

~Your URL is important. Don't make it really long and full of numbers (ex. abbyluvsyouxoxo3877626.tumblr.com) because you want people to be able to remember you. Also, if you have a fandom blog, your URL should be either a line from a song, a quote from the book, show, or musician, or something clever and funny. I have followed people based on their URLs before.
If you have a hipster/grunge/boho/etc. blog, make your URL something that goes with your theme. You can change it later, so don't stress too much.

~Be active or people will unfollow you. If you're going somewhere, set up a queue to post for you while you're gone.

~Don't get upset if you don't get a ton of followers instantly. They will come eventually.

~Tagging your posts is a good way to get followers. If you tag a post of a puppy with 'puppy' and someone's looking through the puppy tag, they might look at you blog and decide to follow you! But make sure you don't tag things incorrectly, like don't tag a picture of an elephant with 'puppy.' That annoys people a lot.

~Autoplay is when you have music that plays automatically when you click on a blog, a lot of people don't like it so if you use it (which I don't) make sure you can actually stop the music. I've been on blogs without a pause button to their autoplay.

~Make your icon a picture of you or something relating to what you blog.

~Don't try to blog what you think will get you followers, blog what you like and what makes you happy. :D

Some magical blogs to follow (Okay, I was going to post more but I'm really loaded down with homework today so I'm just going to post the only ones that come to mind)

sociallyawkwardatthedisco.tumblr.com (that's me!)

mary-has-issues.tumblr.com (my irl friend Mary)

danisnotonfire.tumblr.com (danisnotonfire, obviously)



If you have a blog to suggest people to follow, or you want to promote your blog, tell us in the comments what the URL is! And if you have any additional questions, just post a comment :)

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Wrote three years ago
A word of advise to anyone. Starting a fandom is like selling your soul. Don't do it.

Wrote 4 years ago
http://believeiny0urselfxoxo.tumblr.com/ follow me please?

Wrote 4 years ago
omg can i just say i love how you put dan and phil. its just. good things.

Wrote 4 years ago
@breathe-ashh Or you could have a personal blog and a main blog, and you post random stuff on your personal. I've seen people do that and I think it's a great idea :)


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