A- Awkward: yes LOL
B- Birthday: December 30 ^_^

C- Crushing on: Dylan O'brien and Evan Peters ?

Have you ever been to the Ocean? Yes

Have you almost drowned in the ocean? Nope but i almost drowned in one of those wave pools here

What is the temperature outside? I dont know just normal Philippine temperature i guess 

What Radio station do you listen to? Mellow 94.7 or Magic 89.9 whenever the American Top 40 is on

What was the last thing you bought? Collagen Eye Patch from Etude House yesterday

What was the last thing on TV you watched? this fashion related show i forgot the name but it has tips and lookbooks and other fashion stuff lol

Who was the last person you took a picture of? Me lol

Ever really cried your heart out? Yeah actually just a few days ago 
Ever cried yourself to sleep? I do a lot

Have you ever cried on a friends shoulder? No I dont think i did

Ever cried over the opposite sex?: Yes ugh six months ago lol

Do you cry when you get an injury? No not really haha

Do songs make you cry? Yeah i even have a playlist haha
Are you a happy person? I smile a lot people comment that about me a lot and i am really happy whenever i'm with someone but in the inside eh

What is your current hair colour: Black although sometimes it looks brown
Currently wearing? House clothes lol

Bracelets? None

Your eye colour?: Black 

Short or long hair? Long hair

Height?: 5ft 3in
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