A - AVAILABLE: yup because forever alone baby!
B – BIRTHDAY: 11/8/96 homes!
C - CRUSHING ON: my gare bear Garrett Clayton ___<
Have you ever been to the ocean?: heck to the yes!
Have you almost drowned in the ocean?: haha no
What is the temperature outside?: as of now 21 degrees f :)
What radio station do you listen to?: 101.3! 
What was the last thing you bought?: oooooo easy!!! Chex mix muddy buddies and orbit gum! :) 

What was the last thing on TV you watched?: family guy (rip Brian) </3
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: well idk I'm not checking!
Ever really cried your heart out?: oh ya and I was with other people who I wasn't really good friends with so I felt alone :/
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: ya
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: I'm too short for their shoulder so pretty much just into their arms or awkwardly their chest o___O
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: once? Maybe 
Do you cry when you get an injury?: Only when it hurts!!!
Do songs make you cry?: see you again by Carrie underwood just gets to me
Are you a happy person?: I am :) generally 
What is your current hair color?: Faded black so a super dark dark brown
What are you wearing?: Mah Jammie's 
Bracelets?: nah
Your eye color?: dark brown
Short or long hair?: super long!
Height?: 5'1 -_____-
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