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A- Available – I'm not dating, too much drama lol
B- Birthday – 28th July (I turn 18)
C- Crush – No
D- Drink you had last – Decaf Cappuccino at Starbucks 
Easiest person to talk to – Anyone in my family
F- Favourite song – Fields of Gold by Sting
G- Gummy bears or Gummy worms – Neither, I'm a Vegetarian (Same! It all contains gelatine!) 
H- Hometown – N/A
I - In love with anyone – No
J- Just asking are you obsessed with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber- No
K- Killed someone – No (I’ve been tempted though… Lol jk)
L- Longest car ride – To the Lake District (I live in South West England)
M- Milkshake flavour – I don’t like milkshakes!
N- Number of siblings – One older sister
O- One wish – To be fulfilled and happy
P- Person you called last – My friend
R- Reason you smile – Thinking of a joke lol
S- Song you last sang – Dark Blue Tennessee by Taylor Swift 
T- Time you woke up – 9am
U- Unusual talents – I can put my thumb behind my hand haha, hard to explain
V- Veggie – As in favourite veggie? Probably tomatoes
W- Worst habit – Putting off things and procrastinating
X - X-rays you've had – Only for my teeth
Y- Your favourite singer/band –.Taylor Swift… Or Colbie Caillat… I don’t know!
Z - Zodiac – Leo! Grr ;)
Random Questions:
Favourite animal – Horse… Or toucan 
Spell your name with no vowels - Mlss
What colour do you wear most – Blue
Least favourite colours – Anything neon 
What are you listening to – A TV programme, my Dad is watching
What's your favourite class in school – I’m not in school but it used to be dance
When do you start school – N/A
Are you outgoing – Once I get to know someone, or if I’m doing sports I’m outgoing
Favourite pair of shoes – Black Topshop Valencia Mesh flats 
Can you dance – Yes… Well, I think I can
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth – I don’t know
Can you whistle – Yes. Not with two fingers, though. I’m still trying to do that lol
Cross your eyes- Yes
Walk with your toes curled – … Huh? Lol
Do you believe there is life on other planets. – “Life” as in bacteria and stuff? Yes
Do you believe in miracles - Yes
Do you believe in magic – Kind of, not your everyday magic but I think love and life can be pretty magical 
Love at first sight – True
Do you like roller coasters – Not much, I’d probably throw up lol
Have you ever been on a plane – Yes
Have you ever asked someone out – Yes
Have you ever been to the ocean - Yes
Have you ever drowned in the ocean- Yes, and I am now a ghost who likes to spend time on Polyvore
What is the temperature outside – 15°C. Oh it’s meant to storm today! 
What radio station do you listen to – BBC Radio 4 or Heart. Or The Breeze
What was the last thing you bought – A coffee
What was the last thing on TV you watched- Friends
Ever cried your heart out - Yes
Ever cried on your friends shoulder - Yes
Ever cried yourself to sleep - Yes
Ever cried over the opposite gender – Pah, no
Do songs make you cry – Yes
Are you a happy person – Yes, very! Even with all the crying ^ LOL
What is your current hair colour – I’m naturally brunette but I’ve got balayage caramel highlights right now 
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