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Answer the questions in alphabetical order. Title the set preferably ABC About Me Quiz, or you can title it whatever you want. Tag and pass it on to 20 people. 
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I was tagged by @sparklemeplease1234 ^^ Hope y'all like it ^^

Now onto the questions:

A- available – Hell yes!
B- Birthday – August 27th
C- Crush –Yep. But there’s no way I’m gonna admit it in public ^^ 
D- Drink you had last – Tea !
E- Easiest person to talk to – My bff Leleba (she has no count here -_-) off and @rayray77 here ^^
F- Favorite song – Right now it’s Payphone, by Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa 
G- Gummy bears or Gummy worms – Worms… Always the worms…
H- Hometown – Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil. 
I - In love with anyone – Logan Lerman, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Tyler Blackburn, Alexander Skarsgard… ya know… we should love everybody @.@
J- Just asking are you obsessed with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber- Nah… I don’t like JB.
K- Killed someone – Not yet ^^ But I have some teachers on my Death Note list…
L- longest car ride – 18 hours
M- milkshake flavor – chocolate mint *---*
N- number of siblings – 7… and I’m the youngest!
O- one wish – Be a worldwide famous writer ^^
P- person you called last – My bff… 
R- reason you smile – I have the best friends somebody could ask ^^
S- song you last sang – Primadonna, by Marina and the Diamonds
T- time you woke up -6 A.M.
U- unusual talents- I’m a master at annoying people!
V- Veggie – Spinach 
W- worst habit – to correct everybody o.o
X-rays you've had – right wrist and head ^^ 
Y-your favorite singer/band – currently, One Direction 
Zodiac – Virgo 

Random Questions:
Favorite animal – cats!
Spell your name with no vowels - Lrss
What color do you wear most – Purple and Lilac
Least favorite colors – I don’t think there’s any…
What are you listening to – Life in Color, by One Republic
What's your favorite class in school – Literature, Chemistry, Math, History, Portuguese, English…
When do you start school – February 27th
Are you outgoing – Hmm, no, not really ^^
Can you dance – It looks like I have three left feet. 
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth – Yes, I can u.ú
Can you whistle - nope
Cross your eyes- no… it’s so hard!!
Walk with your toes curled – just a few steps… then it starts hurting really bad!

Do you believe there is life on other planets –Yes, but I really don’t think they’re coming to get us.
Do you believe in miracles - Totally! 
Do you believe in magic – With all my heart and soul
Love at first sight – No.
Do you like roller coasters – Yes… no… kinda!
Have you ever been on a plane – Just once
Have you ever asked someone out – No… I’m too shy for it ^^
Have you ever been asked out by someone? Yes…
Have you ever been to the ocean – Yes, yes, yes! I love beach, especially on winter!
Have you ever drowned in the ocean- Of course no, I’m half-fish!
What is the temperature outside – 64,4 °F
What radio station do you listen to – Hmm… Atlantida, Tropical, Encanto…
What was the last thing you bought – A book… Digital Fortress, by Dan Brown
What was the last thing on TV you watched- the news.
Ever cried your heart out - yep
Ever cried on your friends shoulder - yep
Ever cried yourself to sleep - yep
Ever cried over the opposite gender – no…
Do songs make you cry – I don’t think so…
Are you a happy person – Ya can say so lol 
What is your current hair color – Blonde, kinda golden, but it has some pearly highlights…
and here goes my twenty victims:

kiss and hugs, y'all my sweeties *-*
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