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a- available - not mentally
b-birthday- February 19th 
c-crushing on - Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes and Robert Downey Jr
I need to start liking guys my age O.o
d-drink you last had - blue punch
e-easiest person to talk to - @ealkhaldi @dreamfantasyfashion
And @littlegreenzebra
f-Favorite song - Breath of Life by Florence + The Machine
g-gummy bears or gummy worms - Bears :D
h- hometown- My house ;)
i-in love with - Rudy Stiener and Max from The Book Thief
j- favorite joke- 
Me: I want a slushy
Mom: we have ice cream
Me: well we have a hulk 
k-killed someone - not recently :\
l-longest car ride- a couple if weeks from Illinois to Washington state 
m-Milkshake Flavor - banana :D
n-number of siblings - 3... 200 and something if you count my #polyfamily :)
o-one wish - that I can get season 3 of The Walking Dead already :
Do you believe in miracles?: YES!
Do you believe in magic?: yes :>
Love at first sight?: Nope
Do you believe in santa?: now I do :D
Do you like roller coasters?: Mh-hm :)
Have you ever been on a plane: no :<
Have you ever been to the ocean?: yeah
What was the last thing you bought: Undies
What was the last thing you watched?: Spongebob 
Do you cry when you get an injury: not really 
Do songs make you cry: no not really
Are you a happy person: Yes :).
What is your current hair color?: brown
eye color?: brown
Height: about 5'2''
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