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I was tagged by @shortiecoffoee 

ABC Quiz

A-available: it's sad, I am.... :( 

B-birthday: April 23,1999

C-crushing on: Andrew Garfield and spiderman *sigh* 

Have you ever been to the ocean? Yes

Have you almost drowned in the ocean? No

What is the temperature outside? 34°F it's cold baby:(

What radio station do you listen to? 96.5

What was the last thing you bought? Um... Liquid eyeliner, mascara, gum, and a picture frame for a picture I drew for my friends bday. 

What was the last thing you watched on TV? I don't know. I actually haven't watched it lately...

Who was the last person you took a picture of? Me!! Selfie time!!

Ever really cried your heart out? Yes

Ever cried yourself to sleep? Yes...

Ever cried on a friends shoulder? No

Ever cried over the opposite sex? No boys are dumb

Do you cry when you get injured? Sometimes if it hurts bad

Do songs make you cry? No

Are you a happy person? Depends mostly yes

What is your current hair colour? Blonde

Currently wearing? Aeropostale top, yoga pants, mis matched socks

Bracelets? A bracelet I made of thread

Your eyes colour? Blue

Short or long hair? Long

Height? 5ft1

This is the ABC Quiz if you get tagged you have to create a set and answer all the questions in the description and tag 20 people when your done...Sorry if you didn't wanna be tagged.

Yeah I'm done tagging!
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