I have the knock-off of that Marc Jacobs purse - everything in the set is either similar to or exact to what I carry in my purse. And I think I've done this already, but I'll do it again.
WHAT TO DO: Fill out these questions and make a new Set called 'ABC About Me Quiz' Then tag 20 people. If I tagged you, YOU HAVE TO take this survey and repost it! Don't forget to tag me because I want to know more about you! (Only if you want to!) 
AVAILABLE: Yep! And proud of it! :)
CRUSH: Finn Harries, Logan Lerman, I guess. I don't really crush on celebs any more, and I don't really know any guys I'd date. They're either jerks or like my brothers. 
EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: Becka, myself, my dog
FAVORITE SONG: Twenty-Four by Switchfoot
HOMETOWN: Curently in Oregon, but moving to Georgia in a month.
IN LOVE WITH ANYONE: Not unless you count my Canon SLR from the 80s. 
KILLED SOMEONE: Only in video games. 
LONGEST CAR RIDE: Too long! Probably 16 hours.
ONE WISH: To have college payed for.
PERSON THAT YOU CALLED LAST: My admin counselor. 
REASON TO SMILE: The new Les Mis movie will be out around Christmas! :) :)
SONG YOU LAST SANG: Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls
TIME YOU WOKE UP: 5:20ish because my dog wanted out.
X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Both ankles, chest, & a CAT scan of my head.
YEARS LIVING WHERE YOU LIVE: 7.5 in this state, 5 in this house.

Favorite animal: Elephant
Spell your name without vowels: Shlby/Shlb
What color do you wear most?: Blue 
Least favorite colours?: None - I love all colors. 
What are you listening to?: Don't You Forget About Me
What is your favorite class in school?: Color Theory
When do you start back at school?: Move in/orientation is 7 September, classes start 9 September.
Are you outgoing?: Depends, but I am a thespian.
Favorite pair of shoes?: My tan flats that just ripped across the bottom. Bummer. :(
Can you dance?: Of course! 
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth? Never tried. 
Can you whistle?: Barely
Cross your eyes?: Unfortunately, yes.
Walk with your toes curled?: Again, never tried.
Do you believe there is life on other planet?: Nope.
Do you believe in miracles?: Most definitely. 
Do you believe in magic?: You mean magik? Yes, I do, but I believe it's power from the devil.
Love at first sight?: Not unless we're talking about clothes.
Do you believe in Santa?: HA! No. 
Do you like roller coasters?: Not unless it's the baby one.
Have you ever been on a plane?: Several times.
Have you ever asked someone out?: Nope.
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: Well, his sister asked me for him. Does that count?
Have you ever been to the ocean?: Many, many times. And my college is on the beach. :)
Have you almost drowned in the ocean?: Kinda, and I lost my glasses.
What is the temperature outside?: 70s with a slight breeze - it's perfect.
What radio station do you listen to?: K103 103.3 Soft Rock
What was the last thing you bought?: Two bottles of nail polish and my developed film.
What was the last thing on TV you watched? She's All That
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: A stranger
Ever really cried your heart out?: Yes 
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: Yes
Ever cried yourself to sleep? Too many times, and then I'd wake up with a sore throat.
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: Yes
Do songs make you cry?: Depends on the song.
Are you a happy person?: Sometimes - I have serious mood swings.
What is your current hair color? Two inches of brown roots, and the rest is red/brown/blonde depending on the lighting.

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Wrote 4 years ago
@robertaiaia Oh I forgot to put my cellphone in! Lol

Wrote 4 years ago
there's not the telephone xD cool! :D

Wrote 4 years ago
did it but thanks for tag


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I have an Illness called Fashionitis!

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