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“How weird was it that so many bits and pieces, all diverse, could make something whole. Something with potential. 'Perfect.” 
― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever


Korean Guy is just tag for you:) Contest

and this special set goes to @rainie-minnie 
i always wanted to make you KDW set, just in the right time come this contest.. hehe.. :)
well, i hope you like this, coz you adoring KDW very very much! :)
along with this set, i wishing you a great day, every day.. 

love ya,

the rules:
1.Tag/dedicated for your polyfriends
[you can made more than 1 set ]
2.Not about tag for made set just dedicated gift set for who you would like to give for her/them
3.Of course only Korean guy
4.You can deny about tag to made set if you don't want to dedicated.
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